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acne free last 14 days, for me it s awesome ( vitamin and food regimen)

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Hi all, I ve been suffering acne from 16 ( IM 29 now) , it s been my personal devil , Im also a model so you can figure I freak out with every breakout .. I did accutane in low dose for some years too ( 60mg a week) , Im about 6`1`` and 195 pounds at 7% bodyfat so it wasnt a high dose..

I ve tried almost everything on the net to clear my acne .. right now I m doing awesome without acutane and this regimen of vitamins and proscar ( blocks DHT).

-Vit A 25.000 IU a day

-Finasteride ( proscar or propecia) about 2mgs a day

-Vit C 1000mg a day

-Vit E about 400 Iu a day

-Zinc 25mgs a day

Wash face with a sopa containing salicilic acid and sulphur ( azufre in spanish)

use adapalene and benzoil peroxid every other night


I DONT eat: anything with gluten on it ( pasta, bread..)

any dairy ( just some milk with coffee , no cheese no yogur)

any hydrogenated fat

any sugar besides fruit

any Iodine ( bad for acne)

any chicken ( once in a while, chiken has estrogen injected)

I just eat: Fruits , avocados, olive oil, eggs , fish, salads, brown rice ( has selenim which is related to fight acne) and protein shakes , that s all i eat day in day out some weekends I eat mexican food or subway.

I suggest you do this and see what happen , i ve neved had a 14 day period without getting a whitehead , only on accutante.

GIRLS: just dont use Proscar !

feel free to ask anything and why ..


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moved to mild and moderate acne section, as it does not have anything to do with the acne.org regimen, and this doesn't appear like it's going to be a regimen log.

congrats on the clear skin, hopefully it sticks!

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sorry didnt see that, thanks!

I think this should have been moved to the diet holistic section.... Since it's about diet and supplements.

GLad you got clear :) thanks for coming on here and sharing your story! I'm on the anti-candida diet right now, about one month in.... NOt just doing it for my skin but for overall health too.

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that s great, both for health and skin, they are related :)

can you explain what the "anti candida diet" means please?

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that s great, both for health and skin, they are related :)

can you explain what the "anti candida diet" means please?

WELLLL haha.... candida is basically a fungus (ewww I know).... EVERYONE has candida, it is essential to have the right balance. However if you have ever taken antibiotics, this kills the good bacteria in your gut and this will allow for the candida to over populate. This is NOT GOOD, you need the right balance of good bacteria to candida in your gut.... Over growth of candida can cause ALLLLL kinds of problems including leaky gut, acne, fatigue, athlete's foot, ring worm, rashes, headaches, stomach pain, allergies.... oooh the list goes on!! It's really impotant that you get your balance back in check after being in antibiotics, this mean taking probiotics right away and possibly going on an anti candida diet. The diet is meant to starve the candida, you must not feed the candida. The diet is long term.... usually from a few months to a couple years depending on how bad your candida overgrowth is. If you've taken a lotof antibiotics, I would guess the overgrowth is BAD.

To sum up the candida diet, you must take everything out of your diet that feeds candida:

-No sugar

-No fruit

-No grains

-No vinegar/condiments (except for ACV)

-No high carb veggies

-No peanuts

-No dairy (except organic butter)

You are left with:


-Low carb veggies

-Fats like coconut oil and olive oil


-Nuts that have been soaked over night.

-Stevia (natural sweetener that does not conatin sugar)

AND YES IT IS EFFING HARD TO FOLLOW!! I hate being on it, but I'm doing it for my health.

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all you say has much sense girl , you know the funny part is your diet is essentially the same as mine!!

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Just wanted to point out that both of these are essentially the Paleo Diet.

May be worth a look for the long term. Also, Rod, did you arrive at the diet by trial and error or read something that turned you on?

Just trying to clear my skin up naturally without using a bunch of products...

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I am intrigued with the Finasteride you are taking since i have been searching for an anti-androgen/DHT blocker for my suspected hormonal acne.

How did you get this prescribed to you? Did your doc specifically prescribe it just for your acne? Where was your breakouts?

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yeah im sorry i live in Mexico , get them OTC :)

yeah i decided to do this diet after reading so much about this.. it works , got a small pimple the other day , about 3 weeks clear by now

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