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What acne treatment do you recommend? pics of my face.

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For years my dermatologist has had me using tretinoin cream at night, and a benzol peroxide topical gel in the mornings. I've also taken Doxycycline. I'm about to just give up :(

two pics ^^^

Any one have an success stories/recommendations?

Proactive/Max Clarity/Skin ID, ect. ?



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If you've been on that same treatment for years I would definitely say try something else. I also wouldn't recommend things like Proactiv at all because it most likely won't be strong enough. (I think Proactiv made me worse, to be honest.) There's always Accutane too, if everything you try fails. It's really frustrating but everyone has different skin so it's a big game of trial and error with products until you find what works for you. Best of luck!

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Me personally I would recommend accutane. The drug is very strong but also did wonders for me. I have severe adult acne. So severe it would even hurt just to wash my face. So the derm recommended I take doxycycline for one month to clear up my face that even worked. The accutane did have side effects severe dry eyes and very chapped lips. It also raised my cholesterol 100 pts but after being off accutane 2 months everything is normal. Now I just have to wait to see if the acne comes back.

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Hey Mate!!! I wouldn't worry so much about you facial acne as I have seen people with Much WORSE acne on there face recover and So will you once you find a good way to control it.

As for Proactive I have been using it for years and its done Wonders. I still get a few Zits here or there but thats usually because I stay up Late to much and dont get enough sleep LOL!!! Alot of people here have tried Proactive and have gave up on it right away without making looking at the problem with a little more logic and investigating. Alot of people dont really use Proactive to its full potential for example instead of washing there face with warm water and rinsing of all the little dead skin around the area BEFORE using the Proactive they Just Slop on the Proactive on top of the Dead Skin cells and afterwords find that they have some more zits LOL!!! There is a reason for Proactive not working which are your Allergic to the product or you fail to pre-wash your face well enough BEFORE applying the Proactive Or you suffer from Sever Cystic acne all over and need something way more potent.

I know because I used to Be Lazy and not Rinse my skin aswell as I should of BEFORE applying the Proactive. But the Most important thing about Keeping your Skin Healthy is not using This that or the Other stuff its keeping a very Good Balanced Diet and Making sure to try not to Stay Up To Late at night and screw over your Sleep LOL!!! When I do this my Skin Reacts Back at me but if I play sports,Eat Healthy,And drink plenty of water and make sure to Sleep well My Acne becomes less of a problem.

Well thats just my insight and I wouldn't Worry and stress to much about the Acne you currently have because that stuff will go away once you balance your lifestyle out a little bit better along with finding a Regimen that works good for you. Sometimes Dermatologist and Doctors are to Lazy to discuss your Lifestyle and so forth and when they dont do this good enough all they do is just give you pills,creams,and more medications instead of trying to figure out other Logical ways to attack the Acne from another perspective. While I think Medications and creams and gels like Proactive and other stuff are good. They are not the sole reason for making your acne better. I have had bad acne at a few times in my life over the last 16 years and I can tell you that Lifestyle and diet Is a major FACTOR to getting healthy skin and feeling Great inside.

BOL mate!!!

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I know you don't want to hear about pumping another antibiotic into your system but try Bactrim (septra generic) with tazorac and duac as a topical treatment... (I took bactrim for a year and a half but due to candida overgrowth due to the lack of proper antibiotic care I have recently had to stop) Bactrim cleared 100% of my acne within the first few days and I used the tazorac with duac for about 4 months and then never used it because bactrim was doing all the work I could tell. Just be careful taking another antibiotic if you do not drink alot of water/ take probiotics along with the antibiotics

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