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I don't understand what causes the bumps that I get on my cheeks. They are tiny (I can hardly see them unless I am really close to the mirror) and the exact same colour of my skin - which is very very pale. My skin is combination, and my cheeks are the driest part of my skin, yet they are the only place I get these bumps. When I get them, there tend to be 1-4 in the same area. They don't usually get inflamed unless I pick at them which I don't do anymore - usually when I picked at them in the past, they turned into nodules.

These are whiteheads, right? What is causing them? I understand the whole excess oil + dead skin cells thing, but it just doesn't make sense to me that I continue to get these because I wash my face twice a day, use benzoyl peroxide, and my cheeks are NEVER oily but also not dry (my face never feels tight and isn't flaky). Is there any vitamin or diet reasons for these? What would help to treat them? And why do they always seem to cluster in the same area?

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I have this exact same problem but i get them under and around my nose. I've been searching for something to put on them to make them go away but havent found anything. When i do ill make sure to tell you.

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