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Benzoyl Peroxide in the UK?

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Hi I'm in the UK and what sort of products contain Benzoyl Peroxide?

I am on Accutane for 3 weeks now and would like to start using Benzoyl Peroxide based products as I heard it works.

What sort of regimen should I use?

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Hi all,

I am currently on Accutane and only use a skin wash - botonic facewash for dry and normal skin.

I sometime moisturise (When my skin feels dry)

What regimen should I be doing while on accutane?

Cleanser? Exfoliator?

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i highly suggest the CeraVe line for when ur on accutane.

1) Wash with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser: it doesn't dry u out, its very gentle, but effective

2) Moistruize with CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion: best moistruizer ive used, a little greasy, but necessary on tane

do this twice a day. morning and night. with nothing else. no exfoliator, no acne fighting products. just simple cleanse and mositurize. and if u need to, u can moistruize more than just twice a day

CeraVe also has a good body mositurizer. i never used it, but ive heard great things!

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Well, since you're on accutane it might be best to ask your derm if you should use anything else. He/she might say to just keep with the accutane at present.

Years ago when I took Roaccutane I was told not to use any other acne type treatments at the same time. However things may have changed or different doctors may have different ideas. I would personally feel that it would be best not to attack your skin with more than one drying treatment at a time, but others may have other ideas.

I would think after the treatment with roaccutane you (hopefully) wouldn't need any other treatment, well not for quite a while at least, and if you're lucky it might sort it permanently.

I would concentrate on moisturizing well, your skin needs special care at the moment.

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I see so a cleanser and moistener is advisable?

I'm in the UK so I don;'t think I can buy those products here. I'll have a look at some cleansers.

Do you use a face wash product then cleanser?? Or is a cleanser all you need when washing your face?

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Moved to accutane posts.

Read the pinned posts at the top of the Accutane forum.

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Moved to Accutane posts. Merged with other almost identical topic.

You don't need anything but the Accutane, a gentle cleanser, and a moisturizer/lip balm. Your derm should have told you what to use; ask your derm.

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You can get Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, and Cetaphil Lotion and Cream at Lloyd's Pharmacy in the UK now, but I think you've a better chance of finding it in the larger branches. I think a lot of derms recommend that. You can also find it on the net, at Pharmacy2U.

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im also in the uk, ive been using just water to wash my face in a morning and night. Sometimes i use a boots botanicals cleanser, its kind of a weird texture but it doesnt irratate or dry. Then i use Simple kind to skin soothing toner, then slather my skin in e45 cream :) i probably wouldnt advise you to slather it on if your going out as its quite a rich cream but definatly at night... ive not had any dry skin trouble while ive been using it :)

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the pharmacist I spoke to recommended Simple or E45 products. Cetaphil seems to be a popular one though. Eucerin products are good also.

Just get a cleanser with no acne fighting ingredients in it and a good moisturiser, it doesnt have to be expensive. good luck!

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