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Hey everyone!! I've been scouring the forums here looking for ways to dilute tea tree oil, I haven't tried it undiluted (actually, I haven't tried at all yet) but I don't want to just slap it on my face and find out my skin is to sensitive for it. Anyway, I wanted to dilute it with my Aloe Vera gel but I don't want to mix it in with the whole bottle just in case I don't like or I have an allergic reaction to it and what not. So what I need advice on is how much I should mix with my small amount of Aloe Vera I wear at night, I usually use about a dime sized amount for my whole face. I was thinking one drop...but I really don't know...any advice will be very appreciated!! Thanks!! :D

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Moved this to the OTC Acne Medication forum, as it appears this has more to do with the medication of the tea tree oil than anything about acne, because you didn't mention anything about it.

now, for an answer to your question. i used it undiluted and never had a problem, but most people i talked to and most things i've read have always said things along the lines of a drop of TTO for a drop of water. i had a friend who used three drops TTO, three drops water and it worked pretty well for him. find a consistency that YOU like, that's most important.

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I think one drop will be more than enough to start with if you have sensitive skin. If I remember correctly you have to make sure to use at least 5% TTO or it will have adverse effects in the long run (resistant bacteria).

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Your making more out of this than you have to. Diluting anything is simple as pie. Just put a small amount in a larger bottle & eyeball it. I did it with tea tree oil & apple cider. Worked well but smelled terrible. You can dilute it with water too. I would do that if I needed to go out but still wanted it on my face. It barely smelled that way. But if you plan on getting close with someone later on DON'T use it at all. It always stinks somewhat no matter what!

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