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How to tell difference between red marks and scars?

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Sorry for such a simple question, just confused.

Are red marks and hyperpigmentation different or synonymous?

Also, how can I tell if I have red marks or scars and what are the differences? Is the only difference the red marks will "eventually" fade on their own, and scars won't?

I'm paranoid I have both red marks and scars, this sucks. I'm only a teenager. Male.

I can post pics if needed but is there anyone I can tell on my own? I have lots of marks that are red and some dark spots which looks horrible.

Lastly, is treating dark spots, red marks, and scars all the same or what treatments correspond to which ones? I think I have some of each of them which really makes me depressed but I'm not even for sure.

What are some natural things I can try to reduce appearance. I don't want anything harsh like peels. I read so many reviews of creams on acne.org but it seems there is always a handful of people saying "this product broke me out" "made marks/scars WORSE" so I don't know what to believe when almost EVERY product reviewed on here has negative reviews AND positive reviews you know? I feel like I'm stuck.

I just don't know what to try because I don't want to do further damage. Please help me?

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Scars are either pits or raised surfaces of the skin caused by either lack or excess of scar tissue formation.

Red/purple/dark marks however are flat on the skins surface and feel perfectly smooth when you touch them.

The flat marks fade with time, but could take many years for some people to fade completely.

You can treat the marks by genetly exfoliating that area of the skin, by either using a gentle scrub or chemical peels. Microdermabrasion can also help treat these marks, but usually takes multiple treatments to really start seeing results.

Scars however (raised or indented) are more difficult to remove and usually require more powerful procedures such as Laser Surgery, Subcision or Sanding (Dermabrasion).

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Can red marks look indented?

Its very common for indented scars to have hyperpigmentation inside them when the scars are new.

The discolouration will eventually go away, but the pit will still remain.

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