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Missy Leann

HELP! Acne Scaring///

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So i'm curious.. i have the type of acne where they Always leave a scare after they go away is that normal? and how can i help it? it sucks because after the pimple is gone theirs still a scare there.. i can cover it up with make up but when i take off the make up i cant even look in the mirror.. the dermatologist gave me this thing called (Tretionin Gel) i did it for about 2 months it helped with it a little but it just hurts to do it, the gel makes your face all red and then it pills of layers and then the scare gets lighter or goes away.. i want to do something that will be faster, has anyone every tryed lazier treatments on here and if so did they work good? and how much did they cost$$??

Please let me know!!!


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Please read the forum descriptions and headings before posting. Announcements and Feedback is for technical issues on the board.

Moved to red marks left after acne.

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You need to treat your acne before you treat scarring...

If you go and get expensive laser treatment for scars, and then you just get more acne on top of the areas, you will have wasted your time and money.

I don't mean to be rude but are you sure that what you've described is real scarring? I mean, there is a difference between actual scars and red marks. If what you are experiencing is redness (otherwise known as "hyperpigmentation") after acne heals, you may just need to be patient; they do fade on their own with time, and are not permanent scars at all. There is a wealth of information on this subject for you to explore...

Why not start here?


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Hey there!

I don't think you need to do laser treatment unless it is really really really bad. Have you tried using creams?! I frequently pick my face/pimples so I had pretty bad scaring. When I was younger (early 20s) my skin would heal quickly and the scar would fade after a few months. I've recently noticed they weren't fading anymore so I started trying a bunch of creams that were supposed to help with the scaring. I found the best was a product called Raw Essentials. I used their face cream every night and noticed my scars fading! I don't know if it's because the line is made with all raw ingredients or what but try it out! Let me know-- and again I would try laser until you try other treatments first!!

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