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Accutane Round 2! 21 Male

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Hey Everyone,

I just started my second round of accutane two days ago, so today will be day 3.

Just a little background information about me :)

I'm 21 years old and I live in California and I go to college full time-- the stress does not do well for my skin, my skin started to get unmanageable after my first year at college (something tells me alcohol, all nighters, and stress are not good for the skin)-- and my face showed it all. I went to the derm the summer of '08 and was prescribed Differin and Finacea along with 100mg minocycline. This surprisingly cleared my face up pretty well but it's been a struggle since.

So in the interim I tried:

-silk peels (20 in total)

-1 TCA peel (bad idea couldn't leave the house for a week and was painful!)

-and salicylic acid peels probably 2 or 3- they made me break out.

- and 10 sessions of Bluelight

SO I began my first round of Accutane October 2009- and I loved every minute of it. I can not describe how it feels to not have any breakouts on your face and to be able to be spontaneous....

I went on a trip to San Francisco and I went to Alaska and I had the best time of my life being able to travel without worrying about what I should and should not do because of my skin. (or what I should and should not eat!)

I finished my first course of accutane on April 15 2010-- started at 40mg- moved to 60mg-- then the last 4 months were 80mg.

And I'm sorry to report that as of July 1, 2010- that my acne has started to return, and unfortunately, it gets worse each day.. :(

I found a new derm who is so nice and prescribed me Accutane right away because she can see the affect the constant breakouts has on my mood- It's definitely a bummer! especially after just finishing a course!

So here I am July 24, 2010- 3 days into my second round of accutane (Amnesteem 40mg).

I wash my face with purpose face wash- and moisturize with cetaphil cream (the best while on the tane) and I use a murad sunscreen.

Just a quick question what do you guys think between purpose and cetaphil face wash for accutane>?? im trying to do things right this time!

Attached are some pics of me right after ending the accutane 100% clear (i tried to zoom in onto my face it was so nice having clear skin! )- and two pics of my skin this morning- Remember my skin looks worse in person (the mac camera has a nice skin censoring effect :))

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Today is actually Day 5

So one thing I wanted to say was that when you are done with your first round of accutane I think a good thing to do would be to discuss with your dermatologist a healthy regime after the tane which will keep the pores clean etc.

I did not do anything to my skin since the accutane, all I did was wash with cetaphil, wear sunscreen, and sometimes apply cetaphil moisturizer. I really had no plan as to what I should do because I thought the accutane would take care of it....

There were days when I only washed my face once, somedays twice so obviously I didn't take my skin seriously I just thought the acne was gone for good.

So here's the interesting thing I'm suffering a mild IB.. but its all small closed comedones (small white heads that are hardly noticeable but they actually hurt!) I have probably 30 closed comedones on my face at the moment which is completely different from the acne I suffered before I went on the tane-- before I had one or two nodule or cyst at a time on my face so this new type of acne is taking some getting used to for sure.

Also, my scalp is starting to get really itchy- and one thing I remember from the first round of the tane is that it can make you itch- probably the dryness etc.

The purpose face wash seems to be working better than the cetaphil at removing my sunscreen at the end of the day (if I could go back in time I would have ditched the cetaphil along time ago-- i don't think it removes sunscreen which might of helped to add to my pore clogging problem and also there's two ingredients in it that contain alcohol- sketchy for irritation while on the tane).

I also drank ALOT this weekend because my cousin and her friend were visiting me, I did drink while on the tane last time though I would say it's probably better to keep it more at a minimum... my doctors thinks I shouldn't even have one drink - So this course on the accutane I'm going to try to bring it down a notch.

So I will try to attach those pics again, the one pic is of my skin before it started breaking out again (probably 6 weeks after the tane) and the two other pics are my skin now- broken out.

Thanks DEL XX for your post- I'm assuming you're on the accutane too?




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well be careful. you shouldnt mess with tane lest you have too (cystic or scarring acne)

seriously consider the lifelong side effects some people are left with. read into it.

good luck.

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Thank you mebe, I appreciate your concern. I am under the care of a dermatologist, and believe me I do know the risks associated with accutane, but I also know the pain of acne is real too.

Here's another pic of my skin, it's not totally severe but it's to the point where I can't shave etc. and it hurts.

I know my second course goes smoothly and hopefully soon I will be done with this whole acne journey!! I'm just sorry it's taking a second course in the first place :/


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Good luck with everything! I do agree with what mebe said, but I can't disagree with the fact that acne causes pain. But do be careful! :) I will be keeping up with your log.


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