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Arghhhh my life sucks!!!!

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Arghhh life is sooo fucking anoying..... Ive burnt my eyes so i look ridiculous, and they hurt. My acne has fucking flared up masively have about 8 Pimples that are quite large, My lower neck is just peeling randomly probably from bp even tho i dont put it on there.... This girl that claims she well likes me but just wont bloody show it to me unless its in digital form....... i just had a few friends round and we kinda trashed the house and now im getting bollocked by my mum, I failed my driving test, i need money and i hate my job.... Ive got AS results coming up and i know ive almost failed all of them........ Im going on holiday in 3 weeks and my bacne is intense............ arghhh why me

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i'm really sorry about all of your bad luck, i can't say that mine has ever been too good, but it's gotta get better right? one day we will be lucky smile.gif keep your head up and try to think about the good things, blast your favorite songs and remember that your skin is not only who you are (although I have a big problem with feeling that way). I'm sure you are and attractive and nice person. hang it there.

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goddammit man getaholda urself, i know if i was goin on holiday id b like "FFFUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK IIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!"

i get a bit pissed off tho really with westerners whinin bout their minute problems, try readin up on the situation in sudan, ur post shuld b entitled "spoilt little rich girl", haha, only jokin man....

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