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Doctor Switched Me From Minocycline To Tetralysal

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Ok so i went to my doctor 3 weeks ago and she decided to take me off Minocycline which really worked for me, and has put me on Tetralysal 300 (lymecycline) ...I really dont think this is working at all, ive broken out in more spots around my jaw and have gotten really hurty one under the skin. Ive not left the house in nearly 2 weeks because im so embarrassed... they're so noticable under my make-up aswell (which ive not worn in ages)...

Am i being impaitient or should i go back on Minocycline?

Can somebdy give me some advice please!

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I started taking Tetralysal just over 3 weeks ago. I was on minocycline for over a year and my skin was near perfect. Now my entire jaw line in covered in horrible pimples and a few cysts thrown in there aswell. My skin is so sore from these spots :rolleyes: .. i cant even leave the house without thinking i look like a freak! Im so embarrassed

Ive tried lodes of gels to try and clear them but they just wont go... is it even worth me being on these tablets or should i go back on minocycline?

Somebdy help me please

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I had been on Minocycline for just over a year until 4 weeks ago when my doctor put me onto Tetralysal. I have no idea why she did this because my skin was sooo good...

Since ive been taking these my skin has had a breakout in pimples and cysts all around my jaw and spreading onto my cheeks.

Ive not left the house for nearly 2 weeks beacuse my spots are so noticable under my makeup and are so sore :(

Will these tablets ever work or should i give up and go back onto minocycline?

Can somebody help me? please

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hey don't give up... i just finish my course on tetralysal 3 weeks ago and it worked for me.

you said you are on it just over 3 weeks so it is still early to say that it is not working.

i was on it for 3 months and i started seeing results in about 5-6 weeks.

just be patient and stick with it.

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