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Dear Everyone.

I just wanted to share you guys what I have found out about acne. I still get a few flare ups, but this is NOTHING compared to what I looked like before. I think you can still find some of my postings that I had in 2008, where I complained about how horrible I looked.

Anyway, this is what I had to go through. (skip through if you want to see the causes)

14 yrs old - 20 Mild acne, sometimes really bad, but never got to the point where I was stared at

20 yrs old (Aug. 2007)- Got stressed from University, and ate a lot of BAD food. starting to get big nasty acne all over my face (especially chin)

20 yrs old (Jan. 2008) - my face was red all over. I looked horrible. It looked like i Had some kind of rash all over my face. People will always stare and wonder if I had some kind of infectious disease

21 yrs old (May. 2008) - started to eat better My skin eventually started to get better

21 yrs old (Aug. 2008) through summer parties, wasn't eating too well and got these small comedones all over my face. (but still visibly big enough) Went on antibiotics

21 yrs old (Dec 2008) finished taking antibiotics. My skin was smoothed

21 yrs old (Feb 2009) Started to notice some bumps on chin. I was eating really healthy, so I didnt know why.

22 yrs old (March - Aug 2009) Worst part of my life. My whole face was covered again and it was worst than before . I was CONSTANTLY stared at, and people will mention it.

I had NO hope and was suicidal.

22 yrs old (September 2009) my bumps started to go away slowly

23 yrs old (july 2010) Still have some bumps (like 3) but my over all face is NORMAL. The funny thing is, I use NOTHING. I wash my face with water morning and night, and use a little moisterizer in areas that are dry. Once of week I might wash with face wash, but very gently.


So this is what I found out. 2008 problem was caused by bad diet and stress, eating excess amount of sugar and oil.

After that, I took antibiotics and got better.

This was a mistake. According to the doctors, when you take these antibiotics you also kill the natural bacteria in your intestine. This caused me to become REALLY constipated. My skin was clear while I was taking antibiotics, but once I stopped my entire body had a shut down where all of the acne vulgera (?) ran loose and damaged all my skin, and my constipation was making it worse. I didn't take laxatives, I took my time eating yogurt and building up my natural bacteria again to get my stomach working.

Once my stomach was working, I had to wait a LONG time to get my skin to be normal.

Also, I stoped using ANY skin products. My skin was too bad that even water could really dry it out. (this it because it was inflammed. I have naturally oily skin but the inflamation all over my face blocked the oil glands to have oil come out of it)

I felt aweful going around without make up, but I really think it was worth it.

So, I contined to use nothing for face washing. Only water, and at times, I won't even wash my face if I think it is too dry or not dirty. Most of the time I wash it with one scoope of water splashing on my face.

Now that my glands are not blocked up as it use to be, (since the inflamation is gone) I use face wash around once or twice a week during a shower. I never SCRUB or rub hard since I treat the skin of my face like I will with some sensitive nano chip. Because of fear of pre-mature aging, I always use moisterizer(night) and spf 15 (morning) on areas that needs it. (like my dry areas on my face)

Anyway, I hope you guys could use this. I forgot about this website because truthfully speaking I found nothing useful. I knew how mentally scared I was so this might help you in a way.

Remember, go to poor countries. These girls don't have any expensive money to afford for their skin. But they have GREAT skin. Eat well (meat, vegitables, grains and fruits) and don't use so much on your face. Your skin has a natural way of working, so don't go overboard on it.

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