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moisturizer/cleanser for someone with seb derm, rosacea, and acne

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Hello, could someone please recommend a good moisturizer for someone with seb derm, rosacea, and acne. My face is really dry, but it is also very oily at the same time, giving it a really rough look. I've been using different oils such as jojoba and neem, but they don't seem to be working too well. Many moisturizers that I've tried leave my face looking greasy and irritated. Thanks.

Also, does anyone know a good cleanser for the same condition? Preferably one that helps treat the seb derm, rosacea, and acne. Thanks.

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hi! i have combination skin like u. its dry but also get VERY oily. idk what seb derm is... but i do i have sensitive acne prone skin that gets VERY red, not necessarily rosacea.

so i suggest: DDF Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel- its a nice gentle cleanser, that cleans very well, it doesn't dry out my skin at all, it doesn't make it tight, and the best of all: it doesn't leave my skin RED and all the cleansers ive used in the past do. my skin is also left SO soft. its sold at sephora. i also use their moisturizer. its called DDF Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizing Dew- its oil free so its good for acne prone skin. it leaves my skin very hydrating but it drys to a nice matte finish, so its not greasy AT all. Sometimes i have to apply a little more on my cheeks since they get really dry, but its not a big deal. my skin is left so soft, and not red at all. Both products are good for acne prone skin. They don't neceassitly fight acne, but they make sure ur face is clean and oil/dirt free! highly reccomend!

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