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Hi, ive suffered with acne for quite some time now and thank god eventually it has statred to clear, i ca look t myself in the mirror without cringing anymore, got a gorgeou girlfirend and i only ever get a few smallspots now, no one picks up on me having acne :) as i dont think i have it any more ! BUT i do have some shallow scarring, just sort of uneven skin and i was wondering is there any foods tat could hlp heal them and even out my skin for example foods containing high collegen levels ??

would really appreciate some feedback

thankyouuu :)

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First, congrats on your skin healing up and on a gorgeous girlfriend!

Foods that are high in good vitamin content, such as vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E will help with the scarring. You can get all of these from fruits and veggies.

Also, good things to put on your face for scaring are apple cider vinegar (organic and unfiltered). Dilute it first, put about 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Put that on your face every night. Also, what I have found helps IMMENSELY with clearing up scaring is raw, organic honey. I put it on my spots every single night and sleep with it on my face. Granted, it can be a bit mess (I have to put a towel down on my pillow and wear a hair band so it doesn't get in my hair), but it helps clear up scars the fastest of anything I have ever tried. And it also prevents scarring from existing acne.

I hope that helps!

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Guest Timehealsall

are you guys talking about PIH, or indentations...

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