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what other options are there?

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hey guys, im a 21 yr old male with mild-moderate acne for around 2-3 years now. pustules and papules, leaving marks for months sometimes.

Ive tried differin, duac, minocycline, many over the counter products, diets and home remedies, but nothing seems to get rid of it!

I went to 2 derms, both of which were straight away willing to put me on accutane without a 2nd thought. i was kind of suprised, as to my knowledge it was for severe/cystic acne. Ive also read some people find it hard to be put on accutane. Im from Australia, maybe thats just what the derms here do with all their patients?

After my first derm barely examined me and started her what seemed rehearsed story about accutane, i asked her if there were other options, her reply was 'its really all we have' .. i thought she was useless, and cant know her stuff too well, so now onto a 2nd derm.

But what other options are there? According to the 2 derms ive seen, there isnt any! .. im in 2 minds whether to start accutane or not. I havent tried pro-active, or the acne.org regimen.. but i really dont want to waste anymore time, i need something that works, and accutane does have a very high success rate. it has started to affect me emotionally.

What are everyones views on this? Any comments or info is appreciated - Thanks! =)

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Personally, I'm not an advocate for using Accutane for mild/moderate acne because it's such a powerful drug. It does indeed have a high success rate, but also has a slew of possible side effects. If you don't want to risk side effects then definitely give the Acne.org regimen a try. I'm sure it seems like a lot of hassle, but once you get into a routine it'll become second nature. Plus, there isn't anything to ingest.

Whatever decision you make, I wish you the best. :)

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ya u could defiantly try the acne.org products. but i was like u. mild/moderate acne. tried EVERYTHING for like 3 years. and i took accutane. and my skin got SO much better. but not 100% better. however, products such as differin, work alot better now that im off tane than they did before and i have finally been able to achieve clear skin except for a spot or two.

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Hi there.

Your acne sounds a lot like mine. Also, your experience with your derms sounds a lot like mine! I was very, very hesitant about accutane, and I was turned off by my derm barely looking at me and giving me the ok for accutane. I eventually decided that I would try it and if it had any side effects I couldn't handle, I'd quit and try something else. I just finished my first month and even though I had side effects, I'm so glad I went ahead with it. All my oil production just stopped and I have matte skin for the first time since before puberty. My hair is no longer oily, and my acne just disappeared. I had no IB. It was so much better than I ever expected.

I asked my derm if she thought giving me accutane was overkill since I only have mild on my face, (barely any) and moderate on my back. She said she didn't think it was overkill at all because I'v tried every RX that exists, every pill, and I'm almost 30 - still chasing zits around my face and dealing with painful outbreaks on my back. She said that she would recommend it for anyone still having issues after trying so many things.

I support you in giving accutane a go. You will notice that a lot of people on this site have a"no 'tane for you" mentality if you don't have severe acne. Don't let that influence your decision or make you feel guilty for wanting to take it. I struggled with that for over 2 years, and it was ultimately useless for me to worry about it.

I think that your fate (if you don't try accutane,) might be similar to my fate if I hadn't tried accutane...I feel that I would be messing around with creams and pills until I was 60 yrs old.....that's what the genetics in my family tell me, anyway.

If you're ok with continuing to do creams and other things, then that's ok. I just wasn't. I wanted a more permanent solution barring gene replacement therapy. :)

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Thanks heaps for the replies guys, all are VERY helpful. I love this website.

Similar to what "SGlo" said, i really dont to waste anymore time. ages 18-21 are spose to be some of the best years of your life, and i feel mine are being wasted. All my friends are turning 21 this year, and ive attended probably under half of there parties and celebrations. I feel so guilty on myself, but i just cant bring myself the motivation to want to leave my house with nasty red marks on my face when at age 21 over 95% of my friends have clear skin.

Just hearing so many stories about problems during, and after accutane makes me think will this be something i will regret. But also, there are many (if not more) positive responses to taking accutane.

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