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tri sprintec or sprintec?

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im on tri sprintec right now and it has been 2mos and nothing change. the first month i use is sprintec or otho cyclen and on this 2mos ive been on ortho tri cyclen. im using tri sprintec right now... i have been on accutane 2 years ago but stop it because my doctor said so. but it works it really cleared up. i got married and i switch to birth control pills. i dont what to do now...im really sad..also what can u recommend like powders on face? im thinking estee lauder is that good? please advice me:(

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I have also been taking Tri Sprintec for the past three weeks. The first 2 weeks my face was pretty good but by the 3rd week my period came and my face broke out...Hopefully that will stop after a couple of months..My doctor told me to wait at least 2 to 3 months to get the full effects of the pill. Anyway~ I use Merle Norman mineral powder. I have been using it for about a month and I like it so far.

Good Luck w/ everything!

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i thought they didn't make that anymore =/

if its not working for you switch....i HATED that stuff...it was the first bcp i'd taken before so i didn't know what to expect and i honestly thought eventually that it would help my skin but it just made it worse and worse the longer i was taking it.....but i heard that they stopped making that generic brand because of some problems they had with it....

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I am taking Sprintec (Ortho Cyclen) and it did wonders for my face, my acne completely cleared up within a month, however it is making other aspects of my life a living hell. I was already prone to migraines and depression so that is most likely why it is bothering me so much. I am mad alot and headachy. I am going Monday and having the doctor give me a lower dose BCP, a monophasic, but something with lower estrogen.

From all the research I have done and doctors I have talked to if you are going to use BCP for acne it is best to stick with a monophasic pill because it gives you the same dose of hormones all month long, therefore if your acne is because of hormone fluctuations you are eliminating that issue. Also it works quite well too if you skip the placebo pills in the pack every three packs. You benefit this way also by not having a period for 3 months. My doctor set it up that way for me. He said it is completely safe to not have that period every month. Skipping the active pills for a few months gives your skin a chance to clear up and get back under your control.

I would recommend trying the Sprintec vs Tri-Sprintec first, if you are able to handle BCP. It is a monophasic. The Tri-Sprintec is going to give you different levels of hormones.

My doctor told me that just because some BCP are FDA approved for acne, that does not mean any of the others will not give you that benefit. He said they all work the same way. There are a few brands that are more likely to aggravate acne, I cannot think of what they are right off hand, they have a different form of progesterone in them than the Ortho or Sprintec.

My skin has never looked better. Best of luck to you!

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