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my mum is the definition of 'bitch'

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well i was going to the pharmacy today,because i ran out of moisturiser,and you know what she said?

mum:"dont use too many products on your face.your skin is still young.that's why you get all the dryness and the pimples and the scars!"


mum:"do what your sister does. *my sister is 18.she has great skin.naturally.never had any problems with acne.* dont use too many products!!you're wasting my money!"

me:EH HELLO!my skin and my sister's skin is DIFFERENT okay!i have acne!she doesnt!she doesnt even have to- (she didnt even let me finish)

mum:"excuses!i dont want to hear it!if you want to buy all that crap,use your own money!"


i walked away and went to the pharmacy with my dad.i love my dad.i dont even bother fighting with my mum anymore.she's just...impossible.

and oh yeah sorry for the rant.

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aww thats terrible! why are parents so stubborn?! ugh... and its just a moisturizer.. even if u don't have acne, u need a moisturizer..

i hate the sister comparison. my parents never do it to me, but my sister who had MILD acne in highschool was like trying to give me all this advice. and i was like really? shut the fuck up. she always pulls the whole "you'll grow out of it when you go to college." so what if i do? doesn't mean i wanna live with it all through highschool and be miserable... my other sister is a little more understanding but we are really close in age so i ALWaYS compare myself to her. and her skin is literally PERFECT. ugh..

but rant away. i understand. ahh dads! u gotta love them.

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My dad's the same, kinda... He's just like, "Yeah I used stridex when I was a kid and it worked." Um, it was 1970 and you had barely any other options dad. I'M NOT YOU. He's a little more supportive, but he generally doesn't lend a hand or help me buy this stuff. My mom lives out in Vegas and I'm out here visiting and she was shocked at just how bad my acne had gotten. She's been doing everything she can to help me out and I'm so grateful... She even took the purified water and put it in a bucket so I didn't have to use hard water.


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Same thing happened to me yesterday. I bought tea tree oil to use in place of benzoyl peroxide and was mixing it with water. My mom demanded to know what I bought, and then proceeded to yell at me for buying things for my acne, saying that it gave me acne and I should use what she uses. I use my own money, so it's really none of her business in my opinion. She also yelled at me for not popping my pimples. It apparently works for her, but I get scars when I do it. For some reason she thinks we have the same acne when we don't.

It annoys me to no end.

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All mothers seem to think that acne is the same for everyone in the family.

My mum is actually very supportive, but she often tells me that acne isn't "in our genetics" and that I'm causing any spots I get by over-treating my skin. She still buys the products for me, but lectures me about why I don't need it while doing so, or asks "haven't you tried enough products before? no product is going to help you, just leave your skin alone and it will heal!"

To be fair I REALLY don't think that they say these things because they're insensitive or critical - I think they honestly believe it, and think that their advice will help us. The skin products we have today didn't really exist/weren't popular or well known when they were growing up, so naturally they don't understand it and think it's pointless.

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I can honestly say my Mom isn't nagging about my acne at all. When I ask her for new products, she usually just rolls her eyes and says "can't you find something cheaper than that?" or "what makes you think it's going to work this time?". She pretty much only cares about how much money I spend, not what I'm buying. Although, everything is generic and emotionless with her. She never tells me how bad my face looks or how to take care of it; she just allows me to decide what I want to do about it. I tell her I want a derm appointment and she makes one. I get prescriptions that are $50 each, she tells me I can only fill one of them. It's kinda ridiculous because she spends a ton of money on worthless garbage and then tells me I can't have clear skin because "we can't afford it".

My dad is about 10x worse. He would always just tell me my face would look better if I didn't eat this or that. Whenever I walk around with a face mask on he says "ewwwwwwwwww". Wtf?! Are we 5 years old? He bugs me about everything. I can't just live in solitude. I don't even remember half the time he nags me about my acne because it pisses me off so much that I've come to ignore him.

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im sorry about ur dad Chey thats really obnxious...

my mom is really supportive. cuz basically acne made me go into like a suicidal downward spiral and she was pretty scared for my safety so shes been extremely supportive so i can get better. and i have. i just had a couple VERY low periods. but i see a counselor and i haven't felt that way in a long time

my dad just stays out of it. if i say i need money to go to the store he always asks, "what for beauty aids?" (basically stuff for my acne/makeup to HIDE my acne) and im like ya.... and he gives me a little money, but i pay for the rest. but he just doesn't really ask for details, he doesn't get into it.

but for a while my parents pulled the food card. like "maybe if u don't drink so much diet coke, u won't breakout" like are u retarded? u drink as much soda as i do! but in 10th grade i gained weight cuz i went on the pill, basically i lost my little six pack, and go curvier, but i was stupid and thought i was fat so i went on this very strick healthy diet, no soda, no chocolate, i basically just ate special k cereal for every meal. didn't make ONE difference AT all in my skin. since then, they've stopped pulling that card. and they are now just supportive 100%

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parents can be SOOOO insensitive sometimes.it's like they dont understand.weren't they acne-ridden as a teenager too? (well,i know MY parents were..)

and my mum tells me that i will just "grow out of it"..yeah!sure..maybe..one day.but it doesnt mean i wanna spend my whole teenage years with pimples and acne scars and whiteheads and AHHHHHH

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ugh i hate that line. my sister said that too. "ull grow out of it" well i don't wanna be miserable in the mean time! if u can help ur acne, u might as well!

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aww thats terrible! why are parents so stubborn?! ugh... and its just a moisturizer.. even if u don't have acne, u need a moisturizer..

I have never moisturized in my life. Never saw the point in it.

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Dang, I had the same experience with the mother and the sister, but I heard rants from both of them.

Mom: "Stop using so many products on your face! Your sister doesn't and her skin looks better!"

Me: "You told me to use only regular soap and Pond's Cold Cream and I broke out like a pizza face."

Sister: "You should stop worrying about your acne! It will go away soon like it did for me when I was around 20."

Me: "Well. I'm not you. My derm told me that some people stop getting acne when they hit their early twenties. For others, their acne becomes adult acne. You're the fomer, I'm the latter. So please stop giving me that :shhh:."

And it still continues despite what I say... :(

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My mum does the exact same thing, and she calls my skin 'disgusting' and 'she can't believe I let it happen' I LET IT HAPPEN...UH HELLZ NO.

She also says that I don't take care of my skin...so washing your face twice a day, using moisturizer and a good egg whites mask is not caring for my skin huh?

Sure I use make up, but I have cut down my usage. I also don't tan, I drink green tea, take a multivitamin and vitamin c everyday!!!! And she says it's my fault!!!!

And she gets after me for my weight too. I'm not HUGE, size 13 (pants, blame it on genetics, everyone in my family is largly built, not fat, large build, it exists) isn't even plus size.

I know how you feel, mothers get angry because you aren't the picture perfect daughter with perfect skin, perfect everything...I would never expect the unlikely from a child of mine...(if I were old enough to have any...)

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