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Boil will never go away please help

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I have been on accutane twice before and it showed moderate results but I could never make it the full 6 months (latest was 4 months) because my skin dries out so much it would only make it worse. Right now I stopped taking accutane about 2 months - 3 months ago and my skin has improved substantially. I unfortunately however have a boil on my buttox that comes and goes for about a year now. I have never had boils before accutane. I never have boils anywhere else besides this spot and it goes from a small pee sized thing to a golf ball in about 2 days, never pops or comes to a head and always dissapears. I have gone to walk in clinics and my doctors and they have prescribed me antibiotics but they do nothing. The only thing that cures it really is time because sure enough it always goes away. I thought that when I stopped accutane it was gone this time as it has been the longest period since it came back (almost 3 months without any sign of it) but sure enough its back. I would just like to know wtf there is to do my diet has little to no sugar - it consists of Eggs, Orange Juice, Bread, Peanut Butter, Hamburger meat and Rice/Pastas and pasta sauce and bannannas. I have not eaten a single other food for a long time without a high content of sugar but still no effect. I am also taking fish oil, diatery enzymes and multivitamins everyday which I just started so this is not the cause. I also am trying Tumeric Cucumarin which I got with a pepper extract that supposedly increases the potency by 2000x. I have only taken about 5 of these so far in the last 2 days but not only has anything shrunk but it has gotten larger. I also am getting small amounts of acne back on my face but I use a facial scrub which does seem to do something but i can handle it.. its the boil i really want to get rid of. I really appreciate any advice or anything of what else I can possibly change to stop this boil from coming back and also maybe change my diet or whatever to also reduce the acne on my face. Is it because I stopped taking accutane again and the oil is returning? Will this slow down any at all once my body returns to normal? Please help! Thanks.

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