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Help- Sunburnt looking, tight and dry skin

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I've been on the regimen for 6 weeks and in the beginning of treatment, I had a week of very dry skin but it all peeled off and it was good.

Recently has turned dry and tight and sunburnt looking like in the beginning of the treatment.

I just got some jojoba oil and I'm going to try implementing that into my treatment.

Otherwise, has this happened to other people? What can I do about it?

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What kind of BP are you using? I had problems with looking sunburned and bad dryness when I used PanOxyl. When I changed to Dan's stuff it went away.

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yes the first question would go to what BP you are using.

i would also have suggested jojoba oil but apparently you have already taken initiative in that area and are getting to it :)

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Around 6 weeks I was having similar issues-- the dry skin seemed to have resolved, but it came back with a leathery vengeance. Jojoba oil and AHA have cured me of this pretty much entirely, but make sure to give it a week or two to kick in. Until then, good luck, and maybe try a vaseline mask at night!

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I second the Jojoba oil, I take my make up off and leave the oil on my face for about 10 mins and the cleanse as normal! has helped alot!

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Hey guys

Thanks for the quick replies

Yes, I've been using Panoxyl aqua gel 5%.

My skin has cleared and peeled away but like hotglue01 said, it's come back feeling more leathery and dry.

I've started using Panoxyl only at night and on areas of my face where I need it.

Hopefully that would give my skin a break?

I've got some organic jojoba oil and I've been using it with my moisturizer and when I go to bed

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changing to a 2.5% BP could improve that issue as it would be less drying of your face. however, if you really do like what you are currently using, just give the jojoba a shot and see if that's effective enough you can just keep on using it.

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