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Me, Myself and Accutane

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Hello Everyone! :D

I'm a new member at this site, and thought it would be a good idea to also take part and keep a track of my Accutane Journey.

Today is Day 1 of my treatment ..... I really hope this works as I have been a long-time victim of persistent, annoying acne and have tried everything possible to get rid of it. I've read all the info booklets and stuff online about this medicine so let's see what happens.

I hope to update this thread from time to time. Thanks for the support in advance friends, and good luck to you all on your way to clear, beautiful skin. :)

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good luck with your course!! I'll be a few days behind you so will be checking in on your progress!

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good luck with your course!! I'll be a few days behind you so will be checking in on your progress!

Sounds good..sorry for the long delay in posting. I was quite busy actually the last 2 weeks. I am a teacher, so I was busy tutoring some summer school kids, but that's over now. Plus I do admit, I was a bit sidetracked watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother..haha that show is hilarious!

Anyways, back on topic.. the first 3-4 days I had mild-severe headaches and an upset stomach. By the first week, I noticed small acne formations around my chin and a little on my cheeks but nothing major.

Going into Week 2, I see a little clearing, however I'm pretty sure this is the calm before the storm..i.e. I'm expecting a breakout soon.

Today is Day 14 of my treatment. I am on Roche Accutane 40mg; my facial cleansing schedule involves a cleansing 2x daily with oil-free Clinique facial wash + toner (although I have started to notice my skin getting a bit soft and sensitive - less rough - so I limit the toner use to prevent scarring). For mosturizing I've been using Cetaphil SPF15 facial mosturizer for daytime and Clinique oil-free gel mosturizer at night. My lips are getting really chapped and dry so I have invested in Blistix. Hmm..whatelse? Oh yeah...I still have a slight headache, but it goes away and I've noticed that my hands and feet get a little dry but I just fix that with some non-scented Vit E cream or Aveeno.

I have one question for you all: Does anyone know if Accutane is associated with insomnia or disrupts sleep patterns? I've been taking it after dinner, since my derm/doc advised I take it with my biggest meal of the day/or a meal with fats and proteins to absorb the medicine better, but I've noticed that I can't quite get to sleep (it takes me an hour at least to unwind and get relaxed). Maybe it could be something else..I dunno..but if anyone has experienced the same thing, feel free to share. :)

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I'm with you on the headache, I've had one every day!!

Definitely ditch the toner now, especially if it contains alcohol as it may be very drying!

A lot of people have said it disrupts their sleep. It makes me more sleepy and I've been sleeping for longer since starting. Normally I'm wide awake at 5.30, now I wake up and go back to sleep til 7! Its great!

Maybe take it in the morning? Just drink it with a glass of milk after breakfast? Or others suggest a spoonful of peanut butter?

Glad things are going ok for u!!

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was just reading your blog & wanted to wish you the best of luck with your course.

How i met your mother is one of....wait for it......wait for it......my favorites of all times

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Hey there,

I've been on 'tane for 7 days but am having trouble sleeping too. Had some bizarre dreams for the first 3 nights or so.. that's settled a bit now (or maybe I'm just not remembering them), but I'm finding I have bad insomnia. I was taking my tablet with dinner but I've switched to lunch time and the dreams are lessening. Insomnia still there but it's still early days for me and doesn't bother me too much yet. Maybe take your tablet in the morning. I take valarian (herbal supplement) to help me sleep too. I took some last night and had the best sleep - highly recommend it.

Best of luck!

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DEL XX @: Hey thanks for your suggestions! I've still decided to take it at night, however with a glass of milk as recommended. The milk makes me sleepy and now I get drowsy by midnight, but I do end up waking up periodically at 4 or 5am now and it takes awhile to get back to sleep, until my usual 9:30am wake up time. Today I decided to take it after lunch. So far so good I guess.

onelittleone @: Thank you for your well wishes...virtual high five! LOL Right now I'm on Season 4; a friend of mine recommended I watch this show and so far I must say its great. Just finished the episode where Ted got left at the alter by Stella..poor guy..

martini99 @: Thanks for your comments! I haven't been experiencing the dream part since I usually don't remember my dreams anyways..but the first 2 wks, I didn't sleep properly at all! Tossing anf turning, waking up every other hour..horrible..but I think its starting to subside..last 2 nights I've slept about 7-8hrs :) Good luck to you as well on your course.

Today, is Day 17. I am still experiencing clearing, with a few bumps on my right cheek. My chin area and jawbone has cleared up. I still have a slight headache, but nothing as major as those headaches I had last week..which resembled my migraine symptoms. :S I am now applying Blistex religiously to my peeling lips and drinking lots of water. I'll check in again soon.

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