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General Question for the Group

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I've been perusing this site, because like everyone else here, I'm sick of acne and looking for some answers. In doing so, it seems like people's personal regimens range from using OTC products from the grocery store to prescriptions to dietary restrictions to natural supplements and even devices I think sound wacky.

I guess my question is this. Have most of the people here exhausted their options at a dermatologist? Are they just trying to figure it out on their own?

Personally, I've had moderate acne since being a teenager. I am 27 now. In college and for the first couple years after, my acne wasn't bad. I always had some back acne, and the occasional face blemishes. For the most part, my regimen of using Clinique face wash and spot treatment was good enough.

About a year and a half ago, I started getting more on my face and back. I finally got fed up enough to go to a dermatologist. I work as a consultant and am often the junior man in the room for meetings, yet am in the room as the "expert". Having a forehead full of pimples does very little for a guy's confidence and makes the other folks in the room think I am probably fresh out of college and don't belong.

So I went to the derm. Got started with Benzaclin in the AM and Differin in the PM. He said I could continue to use Clinique extra strength face wash with Clinique lotion. 3 months went by and no improvement. He added Solodyn antibiotics to the regimen. I was on those for about 6 more months with no improvements. Since then, I went back to trying new OTC stuff.

I think I should go back to the doctor rather than chase OTC products that may or may not work. I mean right now I am using Cuticura soap for oil skin in AM, Aveeno acne bar in PM, Burts Bees Garden Toner afterward, generic benzoyl peroxide spot treatment all over the forehead (where I get 99% of my face acne) with Clinique for Men lotion. I eat a pretty healthy diet and I don't seem to have any "trigger" I can pinpoint. I recently begun taking 50 mg of Zinc a day and have taken probiotics for months now. It fixed my gut issues (probably caused by the Solodyn), but no anti-acne side effects like I've read about.

My dilemma is whether or not I should head back to the same guy or try a new doctor. Also what to expect the next step to be. I know Accutane seems to work, but it also seems to have some pretty serious side effects and I don't think I am interested. Anyone else have experience with Benzaclin, oral antibiotics, and Differin failing? What was the next step? If you've read all the way, sorry for the novel.

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Accutane when nothing else works.After fighting this crap for over 20 years its the best thing i've done for myself.I know you hear about all the side affects but what you dont hear is all the life's its changed & given people hope of getting clear.

Good luck hope you find something thats works

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I got bored of dermatologist and make a research here in this site and other. So by testing and error I found a regimen that help to control my acne. Now it is just really mild, but it takes time and patience.

I think is the best to do for those with cronic acne.

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