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Do fats relieve stress?

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Just curious whether food fats relieve stress or not? Ive made threads on here a fair bit about trying low fat and im wondering if thats somehow had something to do with me feeling stressed all the time? The very second i get to work i just seem to change and get stressed, which leads my stomach to feel awful and then lead to constipation. I dont know if low fat would have anything to do with this at all but it was just a thought.

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I do know that fat and sugar are a quick fix to calming down the central nervous system. That's why when people are stressed they reach for the ice cream or chips (starch=sugar).

Read more here http://www.indiavisitinformation.com/india...men/moods.shtml.

You may also want to read about fat addiction http://addiction.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Fat_Addiction.

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Thanks, will try to up the omega 3's then. I was also thinking about taking probiotics, i realised i still have some in the fridge which i bought about a year ago. They have been in there since i got them, will they be pretty much worthless now? It says they will be out of date 09/2010.

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I don't know if I would attribute your increase in stress to the lack of fats in your diet. Your increase in stress may come from outside factors such as work pressure, conflicts with friends or family, etc... I'm also not quite sure that the fats in foods would make a significant physiological change in the stress response in your body.

I do, however, find that some types of foods (especially fatty or high carb foods) have a psychological comfort factor that just make you feel good after eating them. Your associations with a particular type of food or taste may bring about good, warm, fuzzy feelings after eating them. It all depends on the person though. Some people may eat loads of food during times of high stress, others may eat very little.

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