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Please tell me what your experiences have been on Alesse.

My doctor prescribed Alesse for me today. Some people say it worked for them and others said it was terrible. I know the pill depends on the person, but Alesse IS approved to treat acne, so I'm wondering why so many people report bad experiences with it? I'm really scared to start.

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Ahh my doctor just prescribed it to me too, yesterday!! I have been on Ocella for 2 months and it's making my heart race...and I told her I wanted one for Acne...and she claims Alesse was the first pill ever to be designed to clear skin...which was news to me...but I'm guessing because it's a Canadian pill we don't hear about it much. I've read some pretty horrible stories too...about it making acne worse..and causing facial hair growth...but I had one friend on it for 8 months and had no problems what so ever...so I'll guess we'll just have to wait and see. I have 4 days left of this pill...then the placebo week...so I won't be starting until August 1st.

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Yes, my doctor said the same thing, that it should help acne. And then my pharmacist said it should as well. But on the papers that they give with the pills, it says "acne may improve or get worse". It kind of scares me, but I guess I just have to trust what my doctor is telling me to do? I think that when you read reviews on the internet (which is what I've been doing) the only people who really bother to write them are people who've had either really terrible or really great experiences, so it may be a bit biased... I don't know :/

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I know!! I tell myself to stop reading the reviews...because if it was helping my skin...I might not need to ever be back on this site..so why come back and write good reviews...but if it made my skin worse...I'd be on here complaining lol....so I don'w know either. I hate how pills are a guessing game...AND it takes like 3 months to see results...or longer. I was reading some study on acne affects with alesse...and it said that it took 6 months for women to see results....so I don't know what to expect...

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