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Roaccutane / Emu Oil / Sunburn

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Hey guys,

I've been on Roaccutane for just over three months (20mg for two months and 40mg for just over a month now), and although I've noticed I no longer have any break-outs the redness/inflammation still bothers me. It's especially annoying whenever I get too hot such as the summer weather or after a run - my nose and chin areas go bright red!! Any idea when the redness subsides?

Also, I read being on this drug for more than six months is bad and my derm said I'll be on it for a year! Is that too long?

I've seen pictures of peoples acne on here and mine seems mild in comparison! I just have inflammatory acne around my nose and on my chin. A little bit under my jaw near my ears. In my opinion it's been mild-moderate inflammatory acne that's stubborn rather than severe. I never thought it would take this long to get rid of it!

I've also tried emu oil for a couple of days here-and-there but not noticed these incredible results people are talking about. Is it this stuff people are using or am I using the wrong stuff? http://www.emu-oil-well.com/subcategory.php?id=1

Lastly, I went away mid-May and got a little sunburn. Does sunburn permanently damage the skin whilst on Roaccutane or just make it more sensitive?

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