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I'll be posting photo's to the gallery on my profile soon, and I have some photos of it up on my other thread, but anyway I need some help.

My acne has spread it's way 3/4 of the way down my back. It is bad along my jawline and on the back of my neck, as well as my chest and shoulders. On my face, neck, and back most are cysts and are pretty massive even though they can barely be seen through my tan. Very painful

Also, I have tons of blackheads, and can't keep them cleaned out. They form at extremely rapid rates and i've never had a cleanser or a medication that has ever actually cleaned them out. I've always had to pop out the blackhead.

I take omega 3's, antioxidants, and a multi.

I've tried BP regimens, i've been on 3 different antiobiotics, and around 5 different creams/gels none of which worked. I've also tried apple cider vinegar/baking soda paste, white vinegar/baking soda paste, white vinegar baths, sea salt baths, epsom salt baths, and

I'm currently using (at night in the shower)a soap made of olive, coconut, castor, and canola oil(canola might not be good?) with bentonite clay, oatmeal, and tea tree oil in it. It seems to keep my skin clean but it still gets a little oily mid day. In the morning I use a salicylic acne wash (on a cotton pad).

I exercise regularly and have a moderated, but not perfect diet, sugars and milks seem to not affect it because i've been completely off both for a few weeks at a time and it hasn't help

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