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I'm 16 & I've had acne on my chin and nose since 6TH grade. Now im ready to get rid of it but the acne on my chin never goes away. Its not that nasty like zits and pimples, mainly bumps/whiteheads and occasional pimple. I have black heads around my nose and pimples sometimes. Also whiteheads on my upper lip are a problem. I think the acne is mild. Can someone point me in the right direction for what I would use to get rid of this? I've used stuff my mom buys me from the store but it only calms the acne down and I've never been acne-free.

Also, how come if i bite my bottom lip to tense my skin on my chin the bumps aren't bumps anymore. They just look like spots. Are they scars that look like bumps? I do have less bumps when I wash my face so I'm pretty sure its acne

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Howdy... I really think you should consider Dan's regimen from this site. If you follow it closely you'll be clear in no time. I started it about 6 weeks ago but unfortunately I had to stop due to an infection but I'm starting it again as of today. Before I picked up a nasty staph infection I was doing pretty good 3 weeks in. If you do decide to do it good luck :) Oh and those bumps sound like clogged pores to me. I have some on my cheeks and chin and when I stretch the skin it's like the pore opens and I can see a spot but otherwise they're not very noticeable except to the touch. Hope that helps!

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Thanks Alot! I'm considering that Regimen, as soon as i get my money on Paypal I think I'll be ordering some and following it strictly

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I also used the Biore nose strips awhile ago, and they worked pretty well so I think i might use them again

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