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Hi there, ive been suffering from acne since i was 13 and im now 24. I dont quite know my severity, however at my best ive hade a descent size (like a pea) develop under my skin 3-5 times a month. At my worst (which is now probably :wall:) i would get these at least 15-20 per month with plenty of smaller white heads to back the big buggers up.

Something i have noticed is that i no longer suffer regular outbreaks on areas such as my forehead, which i used to. I have noticed that lately i will only get acne in areas where im growing hair, with a lot of emphasis on my face (cheeks, chin, jawline, upper and lower lipline, and under/along my nose). It doesnt end there though, i have had them on my forearms, my upper legs, my scalp, my ear lobes, even my privates! :shock:

From about 18 onwards i have used BP 10% which after a good 6 months calmed down my breakouts, however i got sick of bleaching my clothes and paranoid of constantly smearing that crap on my face. This year i have had a course of doxy's 100mg once a day with absolutly NO effect whatsoever. My greatest regret was stopping BP from feb onwards, now my face is a mess and im worried ill never fix it. After speaking to my GP about the doxyfail's he prescribed me Isotrex gel, which looks promising, however now im reading many reviews about an initial breakout and im damn worried. Im in my 2nd week and im rather impressed at the speed my face will heal once i have eradicated the infection, ( Yes i squeeze them, Yes i know its bad) but the breakout is still going, im getting a new pimple daily, i have barely left the house besides work because of this.

Im definitly not a candidate for accutane which annoys the shit out of me, its my body and my money ffs i should be able to make my own decisions. Anyway does anyone have some advice or some reassurance for the Isotrex?

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Hi deeQone,

I feel your pain- I have also suffered with acne since I was 13 and I'm now 27! It really sucks!

It sounds to me like your acne is moderate to severe. You say you are definitely not a candidate for accutane?- Can I ask/can u tell us why not? Also you mentioned you tried doxy in the past with no success? How long were you taking it for because it can take a few months to see any effect? What else have you tried in the past? I'm not sure if you are male or female but if you are female have you ever tried the combined contraceptive pill? The fact that you are getting the acne all over your body really suggests you need an oral treatment as well as the isotrex- it might be a good idea to combine it with an oral antibiotic like lymecycline?

In terms of the Isotrex- I'm afraid I can't comment on that particular topical retinoid but I am using Differin which is another topical retinoid so there should be some similarities. I am now on week 7 of using it and I'm afraid I have been breaking out since starting it. I think it takes at least 2 months to start to see results in some people. My breakouts get slightly better each day though and like you say they heal quickly. My forehead is now completely clear and I'm just struggling with the area round my mouth and chin. I was so upset the first few weeks as my skin was the worst it had ever been and I didn't even want to leave the house. Now I'm starting to clear up I think it was worth an awful few weeks if it means I might be clear in the future. I know you said you pick the pimples and I'm sure you wont stop just because someone on here says to, but just be careful as the Isotrex will thin out your skin and can increase the risk of scarring if you pick them.

Hope that helps a bit?

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with any acne medicine really, ur skin will get worse before it gets better. its normal. and its worth it in the end, if the medication works.

give the gel a shot.

if that doesn't work i would try accutane. u could defiantly be a candidate.

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Hi girls, thanks for the responses.

I'm a male so I can't take the pill! Lol! And I was taking doxy for 4 months, I still have 2 months of scripts and I might cash em in to try and assist the isotrex.

I know this seems shallow but I have a fierce dance party in 8 weeks which is day/night, I'd really like to not still be breaking out then.

Anyway, I havnt seen a derm yet but here in Australia they are the only ones who can prescribe accutane. My GP is not confident I will get it. I will stick with the isotrex for at least 3 months fingers crossed!!

Pls excuse typos if any, I'm posting this via mobile phone =p

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I've used that exact combination before but the gel was Isotrexin. Isotrex just has topical isotretinoin while Isotrexin has that and erythromycin. Maybe you can inquire to your doctor about Isotrexin rather than just Isotrex - I'm sure it's fine to switch over during treatment cos you're just adding a topical antibiotic within the gel which will help with infection on the surface and inflammation.

My advice would also be to keep taking the doxy too. You have to give it time. It will kill the infection internally and the combination of external and internal antibiotics really speed up the process in my opinion. It took 2 - 2 1/2 months for my skin to clear using that combination of Doxy and Isotrexin and I was completely clear for 8 months until the antibiotics stopped working. I had been off them for about 6 months when the acne came back. The fact tha it returned made me think the antibiotics did all the work while the retinoid in Isotrexin just maintained it - I don't think I had one blackhead by Christmas and I started in September.

Good luck - Keep at it and use up your prescription of Doxy :D

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