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Can i take Accutane if i am a Hep B carrier?

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I have moderate to severe acne and i have tried basically everything -

doxy, mino, benza, retin, differin..

Accutane seems to be my last hope, lol.

But bad thing is i'm a chronic Hep B carrier.

Although i do my bloodwork and liver scanning every 6 mths (results are good so far), my derm told me that accutane might trigger my hep b and damage my liver.

I know it is hepatoxic, but we all know about acne.

Any suggestions?

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Go for something else. You don't want to risk a liver transplant. Viable liver > acne.

Re: transplant: The meds alone can run you over a $1000 a month. Cellcept, prograf, prednisone, whatever else might be needed. Hope you have good insurance.

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what else is there which is on-par with accutane? im really at a loss. i do know the risks of a liver transplant, but then again, i was considering running accutane on low dosage, like 20mg a day, which should be safe and i have moderate acne only.. the jawline kind..

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Find a regimen. Try Salicylic acid in the moisturizer in the night, you can also try a moisturizer without SA in the morning but with jojoba oil. Drink water, take antioxidants and take propolis. Also use some on the spot stuff. Your acne will decrease little by little but to a controllable zone ... and it takes time and patience.

If you clean your face first with antibiotics, the better.

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