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Egg White Mask

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Hello everyone,

So I had recently started using this egg white mask daily and noticed that I have actually started breaking out more than I did before upon use.

I'm wondering if this is possibly due to something I've heard of called "purging?" OR...

Is it because I may be overusing the mask and maybe it's stripping my skin of all its natural oils and causing it to produce more oil?

If anyone has some sort of answer as to why I might be breaking out more after using it for almost 5 days now I would greatly appreciate it :)


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i've read some reviews on this egg white mask and i have heard of some people speaking of a purging process, but i can't say with 100% certainty because i myself have never tried it or anything. but hopefully it is that, you just have to stick with it and give it some time to see whats up. good luck.

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Thanks for your response :)

And I will stick with it for longer and post back here with an update.

If anyone else has more info regarding my first post then please feel free to respond :D


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you use it daily?that may be a little bit too often,haha.

then again i dont know what condition your skin is in....so..yeah.

i use it only once a week.if i use it more oftenly i break out (boooo) not sure what's the science there,but too much of a good thing is bad,..right?okay i sound like a bimbo now. :P

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Thanks for your reply :)

Yeah I figure I may be using it too often and not giving my skin enough time to do its own thing.

I think I'll try it every other day or maybe even twice a week :confused:

Will update the result.

Thanks! :D

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Just to let you know i've been having the same problem! I've been using egg white mask every day and after two weeks i noticed i was breaking out more particularly on cheeks - my skin has also been producing more oil so i'm also going to reduce use to twice a week and give my skin a break lol. i'll also update!!

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