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So, yesterday I went to my doctor for my acne for the first time. I used to have mild acne, but it has turned into moderate acne a few years ago. I also have pretty oily skin. My doctor prescribed Duac topical gel and a generic of ortho tri-cyclen (tri-sprintec). I also have painful cramps around that time of the month, so I hope that the pill will help with that :)

I was wondering if anyone has used this combination before? Has it worked? I've noticed that my skin is a LOT less oily just after one day of using it!

Also, do you continue your regular regime, or wash with a non-medicated soap like directed on the back of the box? I only used the cleanser that came with the duac cream and then pat-dried my skin before applying the duac.

Thanks in advance for answering and/or reading this!

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Almost 2 months later and my skin is almost perfect!

I get the occasional deep pimple here and there (I actually have one right now :(), but my face is sooo much better!

The only thing about the duac cream I don't like is that my face gets really dry with dry patches almost every day! I need so much moisturizer for me to even look okay leaving the house! I heard that the dryness goes away, and I hope it does, because it's annoying!

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