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My Experience With Paleo

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Hey All! I wanted to share my experience with how nutrition has helped my acne. I used to be a frequent Acne.org visitor in attempts to help solve my acne issues. I had acne since I was 16 years old, and 10 years later, and many treatments later (antibiotics, creams, accutane, etc.) I still had acne.

I started eating primal (a version of the Paleo diet) initially to help with weight loss and sustain a healthy body composition. Within two weeks of starting the diet my acne cleared up. Completely. All I did was change the way I was eating. One year later and still eating primal, my skin has never looked better.

The primal diet is similar to the Paleo diet. I got most of the information from word of mouth, and then read The Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson (www.marksdailyapple.com). Here’s a quick run down of things that I cut out of my diet that helped me: grains (ALL grains – including corn), sugar, processed foods, legumes, peanuts, processed oils (so everything except for coconut, olive, butter). I also started getting most of my fruits and veggies organic, and eating higher quality chicken and grass-fed beef. I suggest if you’re interested to read the book, it gives a really good list of things to eat, and things not to eat. I do cheat on the diet every once in a while though, about once a month I go out to dinner (and have grain) and dessert.

If anyone has questions feel free to ask. The website that I listed above also has a lot of great info. After so many agonizing years of acne I just had to share something that actually works. Not only is my skin completely clear, I have never felt better and have more energy.

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I just registered on this site a minute ago to talk about this actually, and I saw your post.

How was your luck with blackheads?

I've been on the Paleo diet for a few years and it cured my acne with regard to whiteheads, but I still get blackheads in my whole nose area. I also still get white bumps over hair follicles after shaving once in a while. The solution for that has been to shave less close, but I'm wondering about the blackheads.

If anyone wants my background, I had been on Accutane, Tetracycline, etc and they didn't fix my acne. The Paleo diet fixed it (inadvertently I might add--I went on the diet to get leaner and perform better for Thai boxing several years ago and noticed my acne went away).

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