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acne scars or facial redness, IDK!!

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hello guys..i have a little problem..I don't suffer from acne breakouts that often, maybe once every two weeks i'll have a spot on my face, which normally goes away after a few days. But my main problem is that it scars/causes redness when it disappears! It leaves like a reddish residue on my face, and I have some that are almost 3 years old. No matter what I do, they do not go away..The old ones turn slightly brown and now my face is literally covered with these spotty brown/red marks.

I don't think they are acne scars, because they don't have any texture to them, and they aren't craters either. If i run down my cheeks with my fingers, its all a smooth texture but the redness are still there.

I would assume they are blemishes, and I only receive them if there was a pimple on the same spot that went away. I use the Exposed kit (very expensive), and it does a decent job of making my face feel clean and avoids a breakout here and there, but I can't find anything that will treat my blemishes/red marks.

I have tried using Bio-oil, which I regret because it clogged my pores. I have tried miderma scar gel but it hasn't had any affect. Again, probably because they aren't scars, but just blemishes. I mean there's a different between the two right? I'm pretty confused.

After reading some reviews on this site, im considering buying the microdermabrasion kit to give it a go. Should I do it? Its very expensive, and I don't even know if its the product that I should be using.

Any help will be greatly appreciated guys, please give me some comments or pointers! and would someone confirm if acne scars and blemishes are different? If so, which one do I have? Here are some pictures (don't worry they aren't TOO disgusting [i hope])

ps. just in case someone asks, I live in a desert climate (very hot arizona) and I have a pretty balanced skin feature; not too oily and not too dry, as long as I use a good moisturizer. Thank you guys and God bless!!





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Hi there

It would be a good idea to see a Dermatologist and get the right advice. I don't think microdermabrasion is the answer, especially a take-home kit. It's likely a Derm will suggest a topical or v-beam laser treatment. Please seek the experts advice. Best, Shantelle

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