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I have suffered from acne since I was an teenager, but it wasnt that bad till I turned 18 and went on birth control. My skin has been flaring like an mother f*Cker ever since. well long story short. I was clear for my wedding but now all the products I was using stopped working. I AM SO BROKEN Out, I dont want to leave my house, I am so depressed, and annoyed. and I feel so ugly. I feel like acne is taking over my life. I layer on the makeup lately bc I can not stand the big red zits (cysts) showing and I even avoid my husbands eye contact bc i am afraid he thinks I am hideous. I am just feeling very very depressed about all this. once something starts working it stops, and then I have really bad acne again. and my life is being affected.

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are u still on the pill and what brand was it?? How long were u on it? because when u start the pill ur skin gets worse before it gets better, just like any other product..

what other products have u tried? make sure ur giving each product enought time to be successful aka 2-3 months to START to see improvement.

also, have u been to a derm?

and is acne the only thing bringing u down? because its not a bad idea to invest in a counselor. they are very helpful!

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Try Borage oil!!!!!!!!!!! and eat sat fatty foods (i know i know) just try it. I mean.. like coconut oil is great + borage oil pills.

Best of luck and Im sure your hubby doest care.

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I was in yasmin for 3 months and before I went on it, I had no or barely any acne and after those 3 months I had serious cystic acne. which has never left. I have tried every otc medication. I am at my wits end. I was on yasmin for birth control. I need to find something that works. tried the apple fast worked but then got worse after that. I dont know what to do. and I am so depressed by it. so utterly depressed. I just feel so dang ugly all the time. I have been to an derm, they gave me retin-a, which gave me a rash, and before that tretin-x worked for an time but then quitl. =I am just really feeling super hideous and dont want to go anywhere.\

where doyou get borage oil? and will it make it worse before it gets better.

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