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Dangers of long term Duac use (3 years)?

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Hey everyone-

22 yr old male here. Had acne since puberty, mostly cystic, accutane didn't work, etc. etc.

I've been on Duac I'd say for at least 3 years now. I was wondering if there were any dangers associated with this? I don't want to be creating mega bacteria on my face. I've had generally sustained "acceptable" results in terms of acne treatment (read: some active acne, but not sit inside listen to Death Cab for Cutie bad), and it's super nice to be able to apply in the morning. Thoughts?

I have another topic on it, but I've been on oral doxycycline for about 4 years now... and I'm sorta worried about that too :/

It's just that this combination (Doxy, Duac, Retin-A, Cetpahil wash) has kept my acne at a manageable level now, and I'm scared it'll get worse if I stop them.

I am, however, contemplating changing things. I'm a huge worrier, and I think my worry about my face and worry over my routine and worry over the health effects of all of this probably exacerbates my acne. I cant literally feel my face get hot and sweaty when I think of something stressful!

Thus, I may change things:

ditch the Doxy and Duac

sub in a BP wash for Cetaphil (gotta still kill some of the buggers)

add in a pure BP cream for spot treatment and try (same)

keep Retin-A (why not?)

change my attitude

I think its about time I stop I come to terms with having acne, stop suffocating my body, and let it do its job. The hardest will be coming to terms will be coming to terms with scaring. I already have a lot, and itll only get worse. Again, maybe I just need to accept that this is what I got, so best just to accept it :/ :) :/

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Rather than use a BP wash and a BP spot treatment, why not try the Regimen? Dan's BP is incredible. Just use a simple, non-medicated cleanser (like the Cetaphil) and tons of 2.5% BP. Though you'll want to start out slowly, even though your skin is used to the Duac.

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I think long term use of Doxycycline can't be good, at least i think i read this in the instructions when i used it for a few months for Malaria prevention.

As for duac, it's mostly made of 5% BP, so i don't think i'd worry too much apart from some people saying it doesn't work as well after long term usage.

I started using duac about a year or so ago, and now i just use it selectively (I know it says not to, but BP isn't so good for my hyperpigmentation and red marks, so i avoid these areas)

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