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alright i have no idea where to put this topic,so if it gets moved,please tell me where it is and stuff.thanks :D

ok first of all.most of my forehead acne,is ingrown hair.i do eyebrow and facial threading (i'm indian.we gots lots of hair,okay.haha.)the pustules are white,barely last longer than a day,and has hair in it. (very short,but still.always there.)

even if i dont pick at it,it will leave a mark.hyperpigmentation?idk.

anyways.i just realised something.something very major.i wear a hijab.only at school.that's 6-7 hours full of covering my hair.i dont wear a hijab out of school,so yeah.i dont have bangs,and i always tie my hair or wear a headband to keep hair out of my face.so the only time that ANYTHING is on my face is when i'm at school.wearing the hijab.which is the same hijab i wear for 5 days straight.

now i realised,that all the oil buildup from MONDAY,will be on my hijab till FRIDAY!and it touches the sides of my face...i'm starting to get acne on the sides of my face now,like close to my hairline.so could my hijab be causing it?and even if it isnt causing it,wouldnt it be irritating to the pimples?i mean,i'm telling you,a hijab on your head for 6 hours when you live a all-year-hot country like mine.....itchy.

i dont wear a hijab outside of school,so it's an option for me not to wear at school either.i need an unbiased opinion on this.i asked my friends but they thought i'm becoming rebellious. >.>

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You mentioned that you do eyebrow and facial threading. Although I have never had threading I have had my eyebrows waxed in the past and I got a lot of whiteheads round the area waxed the days after the first time I had it done. The next time I had it done I made sure I washed my face right before having it done and straight after and used an astringent toner afterwards to help close up the pores. This meant that I didn't have any breakouts the next time. I would recommend doing the same- make sure you wash your face beforehand as otherwise any oil on your face will get into the pores that will be open due to the threading. Also washing the area afterwards and using a toner to help close the pores will hopefully help. Don't put any heavy moisturizer on for at least a couple of hours afterwards.

In terms of your hijab In would say that it could be promoting acne on the sides of your face. I am not religious so I can't really comment too much on the religious aspects of wearing one and I think that you are the only one who can make the decision as to whether you continue wearing it or not. However, I would say that you shouldn't let acne be the only reason you stop wearing it. What material is it made of and do you have a few so that you don't have to wear the same one every day? I would say that if you could get one that is made of a breathable fabric that would be better and I would recommend washing it everyday otherwise the oil and bacteria will be on it for a week and could definitely be causing acne if you are prone to it. Hope that helps, good luck!

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hey the pimples that u get on threading is because the hair follicles are getting irritated..

when ur hair follicle gets irritated it leads to inflammation and thus the white blood cells go to fight the bacteria/fungus that inhabits that region hence the white stuff is dead white blood cells.

I would suggest you to perhabs try something else..there are several other home remedies..try to google it.

About your hijab, I would say wash it everyday..because when u wear the hijab you tend to sweat a little along your hairline...sweat + skin oil = an amazing place for bacteria & fungus to thrive..So I would suggest washing your hijab everyday,atleast the head scarf..

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lccarri:thanks for that tip on threading!i will wash my face before and after,and tone it to close the pores.i've NEVER dont this step before and GOSH.i think my face will benefit from this.thank you again! :D

jasota:im not sure if there's anything else besides threading,waxing and tweezing to remove hair....i've tried all 3 and threading feels best for me.anyways,thanks for the info!about the hijab..it's a school regulated hijab,and i only have one with badges stitched on.if i go to school with hijab without my school badges,i'll go to detention. -__________- so i have no choice but to wear the same hijab,day after day....and yes although i do wash the head scarf everyday,it doesnt really affect as much,because the head scarf doesnt even touch my face.it only covers my hair.

thanks again guys! (or girls?haha :) )

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