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Epiduo and Doxy after 3mths.

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I went to the dermo yesterday.

I have been using Epiduo, Doxy 100mg and Clindatech.

I have been taken off the clindatech, it is not effective for me.

I am to continue for another 3mths.

He thinks my skin looks so much better and I should be happy with how it is progressing.

You see, i never thought this would happen to me, another 3mths seems like hell.

However I am not breaking out like mad anymore, my skin seems to be recovering and healing and it is alot easier to cover with makeup.

There are some real nasty scars there though, they concern me but dermo told me i can't do nothing while my skin is still pink and red and slightly active.

I do look better than 2 mths ago, but i still look alot worse than i ever have in my life.

My mum and 2 friends saw my skin for the first time as it is now and they just about died on the spot from shock. Imagine they saw me when it was really really bad!!

So yes it is working for me but very slowly. My skin does fell so much smoother.

I wish it looked as good as it feels. :rolleyes:

I asked about emu oil, bio oil, aloe vera plant and he reckons they are all hog wash and don't really do much.

I dunno, i want to think that aloe vera plant might help me.

I would post photos but i am just too ashamed of my skin. :redface:

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