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I knew I was allergic to BP but i tried Dan's which obviously had the same side effect's, which was really red/dry/crusty .. But besides the other 2 products in the regimen are working great, anyway what product should I use now to replace the BP??? Anything that can fit in between and take away the BP?? thanks Hope to hear some replies, I need this please :(

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Have you tried using SA (salicylic acid)? Dan used to have an SA product but he removed it because many people skin were too irritated from it. I personally don't have good results with SA but many people do........

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you'd probably want to move on to salicylic acid. that is considered almost just as hopeful as BP by most, and it has been known to help a lot of people in their struggle with acne. incorporate that in with the 2nd step and see what happens!

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thanks guys, but am pretty sure ill have the same side effects when using salicylic acid as well but the AHA? should i use it the same way as Dan uses BP in his videos? Small amounts starting off the increasing it?

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No, just use AHA as directed. Many people cleared up their acne by using AHA only. AHA should be gentle enough for sensitive skin, just make sure to build up slowly and don't use any products with high concentrations (15% or more). If ultimately your skin can't handle it, you could also have a look at topical niacinamide or resveratrol. Both have shown to significantly improve acne, without (major) side effects. Here's some reading for you, so you can make an educated decision:

Topical resveratrol study

Topical niacinamide study abstract

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I wouldn't assume you are necessarily allergic to SA - its very different from BP. I'm allergic to BP and tend to have sensitive skin in general, but can use Clean and Clear salicylic acid cleanser, moisturiser and C+C Advantage 2% salicylic acid spot treatment with no problem, even applying multiple times a day.

HOWEVER I was allergic to the Neutrogena Acne Wash Oil-Free Cream Cleanser (not sure if it was the salicylic acid or something else in it though)

You could try a little bit on only a small area and see?

I'm currently substituting Crystacide (1% HP) in place of BP in the regimen and its going well so far (hardly any new spots)but too soon to tell if its as effective as BP (has only been 3 weeks).

Using ACV topically could be another replacement.

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Why dont you try topical retinoids??

They are a bit harsh on the beginning and you will have to stand the initial breakout that they cause but they can be as useful as bp,even more in many cases.

Alot of people are clear because if them.

Also they are anti aging and dont age skin as bp does..

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