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Is Trichloroacetic acid the best of the acid peels in every way (apart from pain/discomfort) or does it have other downsides?

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The reason I ask is because in one of the pinned threads, the thread creator mentions that Trichloroacetic acid has the most downtime.

I'm wonder what that means exactly, because that article linked to in the "Need a place to start in order to get rid of your red marks from acne?" thread implies that the trichloroacetic peel works within a few days, as opposed to the glycolic peel which can only be done once every 2 weeks?

So if I wasn't afraid of pain or discomfort and wanted the quickest solution, I'd go for the trichloroacetic peel right?

Also, are peels safe if you currently have a few pimples here and there?

And what are some other home solutions that are quicker than acid peels? I just want to be rid of my marks as quickly as possible.


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tca is 100% safe acne or no acne if you dont go over 24% strength. anything higher your playing with fire.

downtime usually 3 days cause your skin is peeling like snake. pretty cool actually. start with 15%. anything lower to weak higher to strong for 1st timer.

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