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New and with questions!

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Hi! I have yet to start this acne treatment regimen and decided whats best is to research and read up on acne.org posts and after spending hours reading I decided its a good idea to get responses from experienced acne controllers :)


- Female 24 asian

- Acne started 18 yrs, usually slight-moderate (no cysts, with whiteheads and blackheads), normally its on and off and is the worst when i have bad sleep, school stress, monthly hormones, but it always clears up especially since I do facials once a month to clear up pores

- however this year I'm not sure if its the climate change in canada (VERY HOT and humid

this year) iv been breaking out like no other and it hasnt gotten better even when I go do

facials (normally it clears everything up in a week) and especially targetting my forehead!

- I don't drink caffeine, decent diet, exercise seldom

- I have tried MANY products and will splurge $$ on brand name products (many asian brands for my skin type) and most of it have not worked, or at least is not working for me right now

- skin type: HIGHLY sensitive (prone to allergies), combination type oily skin

SOOO i finally gave up and turned to the internet and here I go

Before I order Dan's products I figure it takes 2 weeks or so for it to be shipped here (Ontario, Canada) that I want to try some products you can find in everyday stores

For people with similar skin types as me, can anyone recommend any products?????

Cleanser - a good cleanser is key for clearing out clogged pores, there are so many products I don't even know where to begin to look. I HAVE tried however, neutrogena grapefruit wash and after a week I did not see any improvements and I believe I had more pimples too. I keep seeing Cetaphil?? on the forums and wondering if that is any good

BP - neutrogena on the spot seems to be popular with everyone, iv also seen panoxyl?? 2.5% and others.... which would you recommend??

Moisturizer - I remember I once tried proactiv and my face got REALLY red and dry and i couldnt bare the sensitivity so I need to find a good moisturizer! somethign that doesnt feel clumpy and clogs my pores , are the products that Dan recommend any good?? and should i use jojoba? oil

Thank you for all your feedbacks!! most appreciated!

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