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In need of help

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Its been 3 month since the acne on my cheek got moderately bad. Now I am at a dead end I've tried many products, stick to it for 2-3 weeks but none seems to work. In school I've avoided friends, avoid crowds. Especially when in the canteen, i move fast and take longer paths just to avoid people. Especially girls who used to think am attractive. I was having a relationship with this girl, but after getting rather bad acne, I naturally tend to avoid her. And now we just hardly see each other or meet anymore.

I don't know how long I can stand this anymore, its frustrating... I always tell myself not to avoid them, but naturally my instincts get the better of me to avoid people. I have combine skin and its really hard to treat the acne, especially the stronger ones on my cheek. I've tried strong products like neutrogena spot benzoyl peroxide, which did not help but instead pretty much dry up my skin. On the other hand i've tried natural products like manuka honey, egg white masks, tea tree face wash. And also neither did it work.

Currently am using moderately strong wash, to help my acne. But because I have combine skin, it dries up a little persistently. So i've learned to juggle using a toner and moisturizer after the wash. Am using the acnes mentholatum series. Its been roughly 3 weeks and nothing is happening, and I mean close to nothing AT ALL.

Now what....? :(

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Absolutely no progress? Some products i've used say it can take longer that before you see any results :confused: Maybe you could give it a couple more weeks then think about changing your regimen?

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i think u should need stronger stuff like what are recommended by snow queen in one of the important topics. retinoid do help (like diacneal works for me, at least for a few months), u should give it a try. and for the natural thing, i dont think it gives great help especially u wanna have a more visible change.

cheer up! try different solutions first, theres always something thats working, then u would gain back ur confidence! : ) good luck on finding a good products that works for u.

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diet change. eliminate everything except for fresh vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, pork, turkey, nuts, seeds, and some fruit. don't eat starchy tubers (potatoes, sweet potatoes, ect), any legumes (peas, peanuts, ect), certain fruit (bananas), dairy, soy, or anything processed. go back to the basics.

it's called the paleo diet. you can find out more by googling it. hope i helped.

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You could do a couple of things:

1) give ur products more time, i know 2-3 weeks seems long to u but ive been on a product for 4 months and im just seeing results. You really need to give things 2-3 months to see improvement. so keep trying ur face wash and moisturizer for a few more weeks

2) u could be like me, BP and SA never worked, no matter how long i was using them. In this case u should just stop these products, get a nice gentle face wash/moisturizer, i have some suggestions if u want them, and go see a derm. A derm can perscibe mediciation that is alot stronger and in my experience more effective than OTC products. for example, topical creams and gels, oral antibotics, sulfur face washes, etc.

3) If u want to try something totally different, take the diet route. Personally, that did nothing for me. A couple years ago i went on a strict diet and saw no improvement but it works for some!

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