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will this be ok with my regimen

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well ive been on dans regimen for round about 68 days or so and my acne has got much better im happy!! BUT i cant seem to get rid of comedonal acne you those tiny bumps, sometimes they become inflamed sometimes they dont you know its really frustrating and i really want them gone.

my current regimen is

dans cleanser

dans bp

and olay sp15 for sensitive skin

these work great however for those tiny bumps im thinking of using paulas choice BHA

however i dont know much about these products and your views and opinions would be great!!

im really confused which one should i use 1% or 2% do you think it wud be bettter to use 1% to be on the safe side?

also should i get the gel or lotion?

how would i apply it? would i have to cleanse apply bha then bp then moisturise?

seems like alot of things

would i purge??

have you got any expereinces on these

help would be much appreciated


i was thinking while bha will bring clogged pores to surface bp will help get rid of them faster??????????? PLEASE HELP ME


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I have the same problem as you and have also been considering Paula's Choice BHA since there's so many positive reviews. From what I've read the 2% is better and the liquid is better than the gel, but again that's not from personal experience, just what I've read. I'm curious to see what others have to say and possibly try it because those little bumps are so annoying, they don't go away! :wacko:

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Guest Timehealsall

hey, are you using the classic formula for olay? If you are i have a question: After you put the moisturizer on (Say in the morning) and wash your face at night, does it leave all this white residue/flaky looking things?

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hey no im not, o i wont be able to help you on that one sorry. however the one that i am using is really good it really moisturises my skin and doeasnt leave a white residue oh and it doesnt break me out.

but these little things are doing my head in i really want to get rid..

other people with suggestions?

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I've never used Paula's Choice because some people say the 2% liquid is not really a liquid more like a watery lotion that leaves your face sticky and shiny. So if i were you i'd buy a sample first to see how your skin responds. I use a BHA toner and it never made me purge i think AHA makes people purge a lot more

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