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glycotic acid.cleanser?

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so i want to add A LEANSER TO MY RUITine im currently using dans p and cleanser and using olay spf15 for sensitive skin. my skins doing great but ive got a few blocked pores i think and i also fear that they may become inflamed. anyways i also have a few red marks. ive heard alot of glycotic acid and aha but i dont want a moisturiser i want a cleanser with it which would help my red marks along with my breakouts.

any experiences with this?

which would you recommend and an you tell me more about it.?

ps ive looked and the signature (wynes) but id prefer it if i got advice straight from you guys you know with expereince with it and all. also im from uk and where do you think i can but it from. any wesites.

which is the best one?

thanks !!! sorry for asking so many questions but help would be much appreciated

im on day 69 of the regimen

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cleansers dont do anything. a would try a glycolic acid lotion instead works better from my exp.

This is true. Cleansers do not stay on the skin enough time basically rendering them useless. Just use a lotion if you want results.

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which lotion would you recommend? i dont want nything too harsh as i have sensitive skin (note i am also on bp) so i want something that my skin could tolerate any suggestions?

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which lotion would you recommend? i dont want nything too harsh as i have sensitive skin (note i am also on bp) so i want something that my skin could tolerate any suggestions?

Aqua Glycolic's web site says that their products are for all skin types. I haven't tried any of them, however. They have a cleanser, toner, and face cream. Neutrogena also makes a sunscreen with SPF 15 and 8% glycolic acid. I used that one for a while and it was pretty good for my skin; just made it a little oily. But I could handle it and it didn't burn my skin. I just ordered Alpha Hydrox's AHA Souffle with 12% glycolic acid; they have a 10% oil-free gel as well. And Reviva Labs (a natural skin care company) makes a 5% glycolic acid cream as well as a 10% one. They have cleansers and toners to go with them too. Maybe someone else has more suggestions. One thing-try to start out with a low percentage and work your way up to a higher one. And you should do a patch test on another area of skin to make sure you don't have a bad reaction.

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aww thank you soo much really appreciate it :) yes ill be looking into this however i have a few tiny bumps which im going to try get rid of with bha and then when thats under control then add glycotic acid? do you think thatl be ok?

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I am not sure how glycolic and salicylic acids work with BP because I don't use BP. Maybe someone who is using BP could answer that for you. I would go slowly and introduce one product at a time. That would help with avoiding irritation. There are products out there that contain salicylic and glycolic acid together. Neutrogena makes a Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish cleanser and scrub that have glycolic and salicylic acids in them. Neutrogena makes a Pore Refining Toner with both acids in it (I found it at Drugstore.com). Ulta.com has a lot of salicylic and glycolic acid products too. Just type in "glycolic and salicylic acid." Hey, I just found this on Drugstore.com. It's MD Forte Glycare Perfection Gel Acne Medication. It is on sale right now for $18.40 and it has glycolic and salicylic acid in it. I read both reviews on this and both users of the product liked it. The person in the second review says he/she uses it with BP as well. The first reviewer said the product could dry out your skin, so I'd be careful about this one. Maybe you could apply a light moisturizer (after the BP or the glycolic/salicylic stuff) like Cerave that won't cause breakouts and doesn't have any actives that might interact with your other products. Oh, and using glycolic acid can make your skin sensitive to the sun, so make sure you use a good sunscreen and be careful with your sun exposure. Good luck!

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