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ok so ive been on dans regimen for about...

and its helped alot. BUT IM getiing like tiny bumps like small blocked pores on my or near my red marks that i have got on my left cheek. previously from experience they become inflamed or sometimes they dont. im doing everything the same. do you think im going to have a breakout? what can i do to get rid of them? will they become inflamed and turn into spots?

i dont have any aha and cant afford dans aha as ive already recieved my order so its too expensive. anyhow any idieas?

what shall i dooooooooooo. please please help me

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uh, well, how long HAVE you been on the regimen? you sorta trailed off your sentence and how long you've been on it could matter in this situation haha.

as well as what you could do, i might suggest putting a blob of BP over it or something overnight to try and dry out the bumps and stop them before they get serious.

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lol yes i blob them on more on problem areas lol. but theyre tiny im scared theyre going to come up you know theyre not red or anything but they can get red in some time

ive been on the regimen for about 65 days now

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well if they come up, they come up. you can deal with that. you've been on the regimen for about two months, so it wouldn't be too uncalled for if you did get a breakout. like i said, the best option for you right now is just getting a blob of BP on them, maybe getting them to dry out early, and stop them from getting red or coming to a head. just make sure you DON'T pick or squeeze at them!

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