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What is out there?

Ive read about sea salt water. Is there any more?

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I put lemon juice on my face in the morning and then when i get home, and then a plain yogurt mask every night before bed. Don't worry, it is not messy it drys up ad is not messy at all, plus it feels wonderful. Both have elements in them that fade marks. I also do exfoliate with sea salt, and that seems to help.

OH, Oh, other great things to exfoliate with are baking soda, and aspirin. You could even do an aspirin mask every 2 days. it will truly fade your marks soon! You just use water to make a paste out of each. i also use olive oil and pure organic coconut oil to moisturize after. Yes they are oils but don't clog pores, even sunflower oil is really good.

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exfoliate with sea salt how do you do that? And how do you exfoliate with baking soda and aspirin? Do you just take asperin pills and put them in water?

I have jojoba oil which I think also moisturizes great. Isnt coconut oil for cookin?

Ive done colostrum masks when I had some, It seemed to work really good. Maybe yoghurt will work to. You leave the lemon on? How do you put it on? Doesnt it get sticky?

it is not messy it drys up ad is not messy at all
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Not exactly sure what 'holistic' means, But im guessing like, Natural, right?

I use baking soda to exfoilate, like above, You just mix it with alittle water and massage it over your skin.

I also tone with apple cider vinegar every night.

And a grated potato mask every morning, i FEEL like its working, slowly, But maybe im just going crazy.

...Yeah, i think im just going crazy.

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I did the potato mask, and at first i thought my acne dried out a lot. But after few days i found out its just the potato thats still on it. Or am I wrong?

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I use lemon juice to bleach my marks but I don't recommend putting it on freshly-healed pimples spots unless you have experience. It will sting a lot on your first try but since I've been using it for awhile, I've gotten used to the pain.

Ps. Use freshly squeezed lemon juice with nothing else in it. None of that bottled stuff. If you want, you can dilute it with water to make it less painful for you, but the effectiveness will be decreased.

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Do you wash the potato mask off?

I left it on over night. Only tried it few times.

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Im gonna try lemon mask + lemon drink, maybe some egg masks. I dont want to do aspirin mask since its known to make your skin more sensitive to the sun and im going to italy within a week. Still have 4days to clear myself to light. But i just broke out on the right side of my face :(

Maybe ill retry the potatoe once to dry those things out , ow and im also doing sea salt baths/exfoliates.

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If you have sensitive skin...

Use a gentle exfoliating cream twice a day and moisturize your skin twice a day.

Works for me.

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