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Hi there, i'm currently on a mission to battle my body acne haha. After doing some research i've been using Proactiv deep cleansing wash and panoxyl 10% on my back and chest, where i suffer from the acne. After a little over a week my chest is about 90% clear. However it looks like my chest has been sunburnt, i do think i'm putting too much cream on my chest maybe that's one of the factors. Now i'm kind of stuck because the skin is so dry and red i'm not sure whether to stop the cream for a few days, and let it heal or if my skin will get used to it. Will my acne come back if i'm not consistent? I'm not sure how to get over this obstacle. As for my back the acne there seems to be more stubborn but i am seeing some improvement i think. any advice would be great.

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The reason why your back is so dry, red and flaky? is because you probably have been using too much bp, using no mostiuriser and using 10% instead of easing into alot of 2.5 bp.

I would stop it for a few days, let is heal for a bit until it doesnt feel so dry, tight and flaky then use 2.5 bp gel instead of 10 because the side effects should not affect you so easily.

Basically look and copy dans regime and it should be fine, redness, tight flacky skin can be expected but should be subtle.

hoped I helped.

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Thank you both so much. My skin on my chest is back to normal right now, it look about 9 days for the redness to go away. it was really awful. My chest is about 90% clear, i've switched to using less every other day. i'll see how that goes, as for my back only time will tell i think. thanks!

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