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I was wondering if anyone has had experience (success or failure) with using AHA+ as the main treatment for acne. Right now I use Dan's cleanser, aloe vera gel with tea tree oil added (5% concentration), and Dan's moisturizer/AHA+ at night.

Lately, though, the tea tree oil aloe vera gel has been giving me these red splotches on my cheeks. They go away in over an hour, but still. It worries me. I've been using the combo of aloe vera gel and TTO for over two months. My acne hasn't gotten much better. I'm thinking it may be due to excess irritation by using a salicylic acid cleanser (0.5% concentration, aveeno clear complexion) for most of the time. I just recently started using Dan's cleanser. And, I'm sure the pH of the aveeno cleanser was highly alkaline.

So, my question is this: Can I simply use the AHA+ at night, after cleansing, to successfully combat acne? I figure if I keep the pH of my skin acidic, then maybe I don't need the aloe vera and TTO combo to kill the bacteria.

My other thought was to continue using the aloe vera gel, but without the TTO. The TTO seems to be adding irritation and not helping my acne much. And the aloe vera gel is great. It's dye, alcohol, and fragrance free and with few ingredients. And aloe vera is known to have antibacterial properties on its own.

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Hey, I recently posted a thread where I asked the same thing:


A few days later I found my answer in an old thread, which I also posted in the thread above:


So yeah, it should work. I currently only use a cleanser with salicylic acid two times a day, and then AHA at night!

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Thanks a bunch for the link. Very helpful. :)

I'm going to take their advice (somewhat) and use Dan's cleanser, Aloe vera gel, then Dan's moisturizer. Or I'll use Olay complete for sensitive skin with spf 15 if I'm going out. At night, I'll swap in the AHA+ instead of the moisturizer.

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