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So I've been on this site a while, checking peoples stories and seeing people go on their own journeys. I figured I'd tell people about mine.

So I'm 20 now, and have had at least mild acne since puberty. Honestly nothing to even worry about...maybe a few pimples a week at most with some blackheads and small flesh colored whiteheads. Nothing crazy or unmanagable.

Up until I had just turned 20, back in February, I had gotten away with washing my face just in the shower at night...with little to no acne breakouts. Around March-April my skin starting getting slightly worse. A few more flesh colored bumps, couple extra breakouts a week. As the days and weeks progressed this pattern followed me...and I got more and more self concious eagerly seeking all types of quick fixes and resolutions which clearly never works. (there is no quick fix for acne grr). The acne started to get to the point where I was getting 2-4 new bumps a day regaurdless of size...and is still true to this day. So it's been about 4-5 months since I've been dealing with this type of acne, not only on my face, but shoulders back and neck as well. I've tried everything in this short amount of time and nothing has really worked at all. I gave Dans regimen about 2 months, but wasnt liking the results or what it was doing to my skin at all.

My doctor prescribed me Retin-A for my face, and after 2 1/2 months had done nothing but made me breakout worse and have extremely irritated skin. Besides that, the Retin-A was only for my face and wasnt treating my body acne issues.

It's now to the point where even if I woke up tomorrow with NO acne, I'd still have these unsightly purplish reddish marks left behind from old acne..some of which have been lingering for weeks...UGH :(.

My face is mild-moderate depending on the breakouts...but has ALOT of tiny whiteheads and clogged pores under my skin that arent noticable unless your upclose. Then of course the red bumps. My back is pretty mild with alot of little clogged pores and maybe 1-2 red bumps. My shoulders can be mild to moderate depending on the day...but also have a ridiculous amount of little clogged pores.

My doctor had said due to how self concious acne has made me (not going out of the house, avoiding people, calling out of work,ect.) it wouldnt be a bad idea to try Accutane if it was what I wanted to do. I"m actually the one who brought it up to him. Believe me, I'd love to not go on it and get results from other sources, but it's just as costly to treat my whole body with all these topicals as it is for the pill. I'm well aware of the side affects but I know this is what I want. Acne has literally stripped everything from me, from my self confidence to my overall quality of life. Accutane has been a life saver for so many people, and I feel like its my best choice for ME.

If you guys have any words of encouragement, please help me out....this is taking alot out of me.

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