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Weird.... peelyness

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I'm not on the regimen now, I'm experimenting with another system, but when I was on the regimen I always had a really weird problem.

The BP, especially along with the moisturizer, would leave a funky film on my face that itched. Since I don't wanna scratch my face with my nails, I kind of just itched it with my fingertips. And either a film of the products or my dead skin or SOMETHING, just peeled off and rolled off into my hand. And it happened all over the place on my face. itch, rub, stuff rolls off. it was totally weird. Has this happened to anyone else?

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This happens to me! like you said im not sure if its flakes of skin or, bp and moisturizer. It is annoying to say the least, what can I do?

maybe I should wait the full 15 min, I think I am going to try that?

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I thought that was what people meant when they said products "balled up" on them. Certain formulations of moisturizer and bp will glom up like that when applied too soon after another. Try waiting longer, and see if that helps?

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Wait 15 minutes, sometimes even longer (as Dan recently said) during the summer time. It's REALLY humid here in north Texas during the summer, and I wait 16 to 17 minutes.

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