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Doxycycline ** Very Important Question**

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I Have Been Taking Doxy For a Week 2nite,I had cystic acne and a lot cysts with whiteheads in my jawline,I think I had a food intolerance or something? The Doxy so far has helped minimally,some bacne appeared, I take at 10 in the morning and 10 at nite. I eat something small 30 minutes beforehand, I want to drink Apple Cider Vinegar Morning & Nite 2 tbsp each time, I am prone to yeast infections and I am 90% sure I have candida,should I quit doxy? Or can I do both if so how? Plz plz I need help :|

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Are you using any topical cream along with the Doxycycline tabs?

i use witch hazel or apple cider vinegar topically either or, i ran out of apple cider vinegar tho :|, so yeah so far its going to be 2 weeks this friday ive been on doxy, i see improvement,not miracle but yes improvement

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I took various type of antibiotics for 2 years due to a severe bone infection. While my skin looked FLAWLESS (seriously, it did) everything else suffered terribly. Doxycycline was one of the oral antibiotics I took (along with other antis IV and oral) and I have to warn you. I developed C Diff from the use of antibiotics and you never get rid of it. It's basically what happens when your body loses all bad bacteria along with good bacteria and it makes it possible to excrete properly. Your color suffers terribly. I'm okay now, but I still have bouts with it.

Antibiotics, in my eyes, is a VERY short-term fix for Acne. You can't take them forever, or even a year. It's not worth it in my eyes.

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