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Red marks , heal internally and externally

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just my opinion , it is not about what you're using to cure red marks , but also what you're eating , topical medications couldnt help much if you're living with an unhealthy diet and lifestyle , reduce alcohol , reduce smoking . stop eating so much red meat , add more fibers , drink more water , eat more green leaves and fruits (beetroot) . sleep earlier =D .....

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Agreed on the water front! But I've got a crappy diet and that'll never change. I always find that my red marks fade noticably within a few days if I drink like 6 litres a day but that only ever happens when I'm sitting at home with nothing to do. Plus I have very pale skin and apparently they aren't as prominent and as long lasting on lighter complexions. I wonder why on both counts? Maybe the whole water thing is dilating vessels cos arterial BP will increase with extra water and the dilated vessels draw the redness and swelling away - like a mini oedema. Any ideas?

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hmmm what i thought was water helps reduce toxins build up in the body , making sure our body is clean , therefore our body could recover faster . i drink 3 big cups of water every morning as soon as i wake up . ..i'm trying to change my diet , more into a vegetarian diet , and less red meat if possible

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I don't think the level of toxins in the body has any bearing on red marks... But I could be wrong.

As for red meat, what's wrong with it? I hadn't heard that it could be bad for your skin.. For example a lean steak once or twice a week is great for iron and protein. How could it have a negative effect?

If people can back up these ideas I might have to try changing my diet, since I too have pale skin and rather prominent red marks are probably going to be the biggest issue for me once I get clear.

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Guest DireStraits

How the hell is red meat bad for your skin. Its rich in protein needed for repair.

Oh no, not this whole 'toxin' business again...

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