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Hello all,

I am new here after finding this site doing my Adult Acne research. I am a 40-yr old woman (going on 41) who has the acne of a tween. I have white head and cysts on my neck, jaw line, cheeks, sides of my eyes, ears and a few on my forehead (that seems to be the clearest part of my face). Although I luckily do not have too many scars, I do have deep visible pores. I've had acne all my teen and adult life but never as much as I have since I got closer to my 40's.

I wouldn't say I have tried everything but the list starts with Proactive, to MD Formula, and up to Dr. prescribed hormones and tropicals. I trial all products for at least 3 months. Murad is the latest and it too was a bomb. After 4 months I give up!

Based on what I have been reading on this site, I have decided to try a BP OTC product called Nature's Cure ($20). Although the kit says it was meant for Men, the Woman's version did not have a big tube of BP AND BP is in the wash too. Has anyone tried this? I am also using Cetaphil Face Moisturizer w/SPF and a few drops of Jojoba Oil. Today is day 2. Let's see how it goes.

If by mid-Aug it doesn't work, I'll try the Clean & Clear SA wash I was reading about.

Will keep this post updated. I would have pics but I can't find my camera. :doh::redface:

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Not sure which products of there's you're using, but in any case, they've got some problems.

1) The homeopathic tablets are a complete crock. They dilute the active ingredients to the point where often not a single molecule is left in the tablet. Instead, it's believed that the molecules leave some kind of "impression" on the dilutant (usually water). Basically, you're buying a sugar pill.

2) The salicylic acid based face wash and cleansers are a waste of money for two reasons. First, detergent cleansers are almost always alkaline in pH, and never (to my knowledge) in the pH range of 3-4 that is required for salicylic acid to be active. Second, salicylic acid must be left on... used in a wash, it simply goes down the drain.

3) The benzoyl peroxide cream should work, but there's nothing remotely special about it. Its only notable ingredients are aloe leaf extract (nearly ubiquitous in the personal care industry nowadays), and allantoin (another skin soothing ingredient that is extremely common). Buying this cream alone might be cost effective, if that's an option. Otherwise, don't bother.

There are just tons of other cheap, effective benzoyl peroxide products... this is just a waste of money.

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Thank you for the input! I tried the one with the pills about 2 years ago & that didn't work. But when I saw this one (think it's new) and it had a large tube of 5% BP, I bought it.

So would you recommend just sticking to Dan's regiment? They seem similar with the exception I'd want to also use the AHA.

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I think Dan's BP is far superior to other products on the market, especially when you consider price per ounce. But if you want something that's easily available on a store counter, there's a lot of options.

If you want to use Salicylic Acid, check out Paula's Choice, by far the favorite on the forum. I know people have had success with Peter Roth as well.

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